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Reader's Survey Winners

Goods & Services

Best Acupuncturist
Gold--Wendy Beallor
SC, 423-2524
Silver--Phil Caylor
SC, 457-0101
Bronze--Joanna Zhao
SC, 476-8211

Best Antiques
Gold--Mr. Goodies
SC, 427-9997
Silver--Modern Life
SC, 475-1410
Bronze--Shen's Gallery
SC, 457-4424

Best Audio Equipment Store
Gold--Water Street Stereo
SC, 427-1604
Silver--Recycled Stereo Plus Inc.
SC, 425-7587
Bronze--Doctor of Audio
SC, 479-1123

Best Auto Mechanic
Gold--Jim Ludy's Automotive
SC, 426-5839
Silver--Moulton's Unocal Service
Aptos, 688-7600
Bronze--DMV Auto Clinic
SC, 462-4436

Best Bookstore
Gold--Bookshop Santa Cruz
SC, 423-0900
Silver--Capitola BookCafe
Capitola, 462-4415
Bronze--Logos Books & Records
SC, 427-5100

Best Chiropractor
Gold--Steven Stewart
Soquel, 462-3550
Silver--Kim Wieburg
SC, 426-7559
Bronze--Colin Frogley
Soquel, 462-3350

Best Clothing Store--Men's
Gold--The Gap
SC, 425-3721
Silver--Cat N' Canary
SC, 423-8696
Capitola, 464-1802

Best Clothing Store--Secondhand
SC, 423-1078
Silver--Cognito Clothing
SC, 426-5414
Bronze--Thrift Center Store
SC, 429-6975

Best Clothing Store--Women's
Gold--Cat N' Canary
SC, 423-8696
SC, 425-8411
Bronze--Pacific Trading Company
SC, 423-3349

Best Dentist
Gold--Roy Howard
Aptos, 688-6531
Silver--Steve Pitzer
Boulder Creek, 338-2131
Bronze--Don Larson
SC, 423-7530

Best Ecologically Correct Store
Gold--Eco Goods
Capitola, 479-9293
Silver--New Leaf Market
SC, 426-1299; Capitola, 479-7113
Bronze--Food Bin/Herb Room
SC, 423-5526

Best Garden Supplies
Gold--San Lorenzo Lumber
SC, 426-1020
Silver--Orchard Supply Hardware
Capitola, 475-7701
Bronze--Scarborough Gardens
Scotts Valley, 438-4106

Best Hair Salon
SC, 423-2798
Silver--Gigo Hair Design Studio
SC, 423-8689
Bronze--John Michael at Phoebe's Salon
SC, 458-1940

Best Inexpensive Furniture
SC, 423-1078
Silver--Skyview Flea Market
SC, 462-4442
Bronze--Limited Space
SC, 425-3848; Capitola, 462-2021

Best Jewelry
Gold--Many Hands Gallery
SC, 429-8696
Silver--Dell Williams
SC, 423-4100
Capitola, 475-1771

Best Massage
Gold--Jan Labate
SC, 476-9505
Silver--Heartwood Spa
SC, 462-2192
SC, 429-1142

Best Pharmacy
Gold--Longs Drugs
Silver--Frank's Pharmacy
Aptos, 685-1100
Bronze--Horsnyder Pharmacy
SC, 423-2315

Best Plumber
Gold--Jimmie Smith Plumbing Inc.
SC, 475-5700
Silver--Rosenthal Plumbing
SC, 476-4756
Bronze--Jim Luker Plumbing
SC, 475-4549

Best Real Estate Agency
Gold--Karon Properties
SC, 426-6696
Silver--Vanguard Properties
SC, 462-3110
Bronze--Unique Homes and Land
SC, 425-7920

Best Record/CD Store
Gold--Cymbaline Records
SC, 423-3949; Capitola, 462-0600
Silver--Logos Books & Records
SC, 427-5100
Bronze--Blockbuster Music
SC, 469-3151

Best Sporting Goods Store
Gold--Outdoor World Inc.
Silver--Johnny's Sport Shop
SC, 423-5443, Capitola, 476-7675
Bronze--Jerry's Sports
SC, 425-7445

Best Surf Shop
Capitola, 475-4151
Silver--Santa Cruz Surf
SC, 464-3233
Bronze--Freeline Design
Capitola, 476-2950

Best Travel Agency
Gold--Pacific Harbor Travel Inc.
SC, 427-5000
Silver--Travel Spot
SC, 425-7822
Bronze--Aptos Travel
Aptos, 688-6555

Best Veterinarian
Gold--SC Veterinary Hospital
SC, 475-5400
Silver--Michael Shumate
SC, 427-3345
Bronze--Janet Brennan
Soquel, 475-0432

Best Videotape Rental (Chain)
Gold--Blockbuster Video
Silver--Hollywood Video
Bronze--Longs Drugs

Best Videotape Rental (Local)
Gold--Westside Video
SC, 458-0134
Silver--East Cliff Video
SC, 462-0707
Bronze--Hoots Video & Yogurt
SC, 425-7628

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From the March 14-20, 1996 issue of Metro Santa Cruz

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