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This Week
March 21-27, 1996

Serves You Right: A waitress lives
in the drop zone between a rocky
table and a hard night, especially
when she's egged on by a lunatic
customer or a demeaning boss.
But she'll keep her dignity, and
smile as if she's got the best
customers in the world. Sometimes,
Ami Chen Mills writes, it's even true. Writer Andrew Pham rates a career waitress in a roadside diner right up there with mom and banana cream pie.

Ballot Stuffings The inside scoop on where metro santa cruz stands on the people and propositions ponying up to local polling booths come Tuesday.

Nuz: It's a small, small world.

Arts & Entertainment
Notes from the underground: Fifteen below, Berkeley combo doesn't live up its legacy.

Pissed!: Just add punk.

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