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This Week
April 4-10, 1996

The Shaman of Soil: Mater grower Bob Gannard brings his magic touch to the veggies of the rich and famous.

Nuz: Mean streets, sticks and stones, and block heads.

Sounds Like Trouble: Street musicians sing for their supper and for their right to busk on the sidewalks.

Arts & Entertainment
Movies: Reviews and show times for Santa Cruz County.

Lilies of Love: A tale of passion and thwarted love unfolds on stage.

Notes From the Underground: Anarchy in the VH, tape reviews, and upcoming shows.

Pissed!: It's golden-oldies time for the Sex Pistols.

Pick-Me-Up of the Litter: Vacuum cleaner salespeople sweep door-to-door in search of the perfect sell.

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