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This Week
April 11-17, 1996

Homo Sapiens Too: Directors Jeffrey Fiedman and Rob Epstein bring
The Celluloid Closet to life, with a
little help from their friends.

Nuz: Taking bag the streets, the coming prize, toxic avenger, and rebels gang up.

Multinational Corporations Love You, Man: If you believe the ads, what companies really want to do is to help you fulfill your potential as a human being. Of course, buying their products just might help.

Arts & Entertainment
Movies: Reviews and show times for Santa Cruz County.

Notes From the Underground: Pick of the litter, SC Hotel closing, plus upcoming shows.

Pissed!: Real musicians get screwed by the corporate machine -- so what's new?

Organic Fixation: The other Waters comes to town, Dream Inn gets a new chef, and the garden is wide open.

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