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This Week
April 25-May 1, 1996

Tripping Out: MetroActive's travel
special features a Mexican tropical
, a cruise to oblivion, a
romantic crusade to France, and the
idiot's guide to the universe.

Nuz: Cock sure, log rolling, getting your goat, road to ruin.

Dishing Sanctuary Dirt: Pesky pollution still haunting the Monterey Bay Sanctuary.

Arts & Entertainment
Movies: Reviews and show times for Santa Cruz County.

Don't Look Black: Science-fiction lyrics soar into the outer limits on cocky ex-Pixies newest album.

Notes From the Underground: Time to clean out the ol' new local releases drawer.

Pissed!: Atlantic Records' toy of the moment, it's homo-core division, misses the financial and queerdom marks.

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