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Things You Won't Find in Santa Cruz

  • black sand
  • cars parked down the middle of Main Street
  • unrefrigerated eggs and dairy products for sale
  • egregious building code violations
  • raised garbage platforms (to keep dogs out)
  • plastic bags of mayonnaise

    Things You Won't Find in Pichilemu

  • asphalt
  • vegetarians
  • redwoods
  • the Big Dipper, or any other recognizable
  • the Giant Dipper, or any other amusement park ride

    Things You'll Find in Both Places

  • surf shops
  • souvenir stands
  • mountains
  • Eucalyptus groves
  • Natural Bridges or Chile's equivalent, the
       still-intact Wolves' Point
  • a boardwalk
  • a town clock
  • KSCO mugs!

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  • From the May 7-13, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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