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Secret Santa Cruz

By Jenna Conner


IGNORING THE typical monotonous list of hottest beaches, hippest stores, etc., Secret Santa Cruz asks, "Why not find out some things about Santa Cruz that aren't so obvious, nor boring either (we hope)?" The sparkling "Notes From Planet Cruz," described as "wide-eyed dispatches from the land of the trust-fund hippie and the 60-year-old surfer dude," serves up amusing insights about the changing face of the college town time is trying to forget. The FAQ section even tackles the clueless request: "Where can a 22-year-old with a BA in philosophy find employment in Santa Cruz? I've got a head full of theory and no outlet." The answer, in brief: "Retail." (Not to mention armed robbery.)

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From the May 10-17, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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