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[whitespace] Shoes A Royal Pain: Harmless footwear or instruments of torture?

Drag Queens' Pet Peeves

By Sarah Phelan

SHANDA LEER, Jett Leer and Kamell Toh can bitch about anything if you get them started, but here are their choices for the Top 5 biggest headaches in la vida drag.

1. Shoes

One-third of female foot problems can be blamed on improper fit and high heels, and though most drag queens don't wear women's shoes regularly enough to put themselves at permanent risk, their feet still hurt. "Stilettos are painful, they make me too tall, my neck tight and my whole posture goes out of whack, which is why I wear pumps," says Shanda.

For Jett, the 7-inch heels are worth it.

"They create that feminine shape, but I totally want them off by the end of two hours."

Meanwhile, Club Dakota bartender Foust confesses, "I used to be a drag queen, but my feet spread."

2. Duct Tape

The drag queens we spoke to agreed that tucking is essential, but that duct tape is excruciating.

"Definitely tuck, but never ever tape. Just plant it. Firmly," says Jett. Kamell Toh agrees. "One time I taped and it got slightly irritated."

3. Boobs

"Boobs are a pain in the ass, because they fall and slip, so you end up with one nipple facing south," says Kamell Toh.

"I totally give it up to women!" says Jett. "The first time I did drag, I couldn't wait to take my boobs out."

4. 'We're not cross-dressers!'

"A drag queen is a man, who doesn't have to be gay but who puts on a dress, makeup and heels to perform. It's about becoming a character," says Jett. "Whereas cross-dressing is something that straight or gay men do because something about wearing women's clothing stimulates them, mostly they dress like regular men during the day. It's like they're playing Truth or Dare, and they say, "Dare!" and enjoy it. Whereas, I'm a fag who likes to dress as the kittenish flirty Jett only when it's showtime."

5. Males' (lack of) fashion sense

"There's no reason why men can't wear different-colored coats, except most men can't deal with choice, and men aren't encouraged to move their bodies. The truth is men can do way more than just stride. And if a man gets up and gyrates, everybody loves it, because it's so much more erotic," says Jett. "Our not moving, dancing or dressing up is really about a whole other set of barriers, including the beer-group reaction from the buddies who will let you know about it, and the major backlash that follows."

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From the May 15-22, 2002 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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