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Sure, it's fun--but will I go to Hell?

By Andrea Perkins

THOUGH IMBUED with quirky innocence, www.jesusdressup.com is not for everyone. Even lapsed Catholics and born-again agnostics might find it difficult to dress a crucified, underwear-clad Jesus up in a Dr. Seuss hat or a dogcatcher's uniform. But for this ex-Mormon, clicking and dragging outrageous outfits onto the body of Christ is more than just a guilty pleasure, it's an act of creative expression.

Choose from a wide array of fashions and costumes, such as astronaut helmets, skimpy cutoffs and lavender bodysuits. Mix and match with graduation caps, pink tutus and snorkeling gear. See what Jesus looks like in rave-wear (there's even a pacifier). Doll Jesus up in a powder-blue tux complete with stake-pierced kid gloves and explore the possibilities of red heels with bobby socks.

I experimented with this site with the absorbed glee of a 7-year-old who has been given a new toy. In my opinion, Jesus looks best in pink bunny slippers and a black skull T-shirt. Maybe I'm going to hell, but in today's somewhat oppressive climate of political correctness, it is refreshing to stumble upon something so joyous in its utter offensiveness.

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From the May 16-23, 2001 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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