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Weekly World Cruz

By Jenna Conner


SET UP TO MIMIC entertaining, silly supermarket tabloids, Weekly World Cruz satirically fells local culture and events in one sharp swoop. The headlines, taken from everyday Santa Cruz life, are hilarious. Reads one line: "One of Four Cyclists is Crazy as a Loon! 'Well, Du-uh,' say Local Motorists." And of course, taking a shot at the local flower children, one recent article reports: "Vintage hippies are slipping forward in time through 'The Tye-Dye Zone,' a timewarp at the corner of Cedar and Cathcart." If you're one of the multitudes of drivers on 17 harassed by tailgating, impatient SUV-drivers, look for the archived story "Snatched on Route 17: Huge Hawk Hunts Obnoxious 4x4's!" Only an insider could poke this much fun at Santa Cruz.

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From the May 24-31, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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