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Recall Quackenbush

By Michael S. Gant


CALIFORNIA INSURANCE COMMISSIONER Chuck Quackenbush's supplicant relationship to insurance companies has recently been exposed to some long-overdue scrutiny. What's $3 billion in fines among good friends, anyway? The grassroots Recall Quackenbush website features a nifty Photoshopped image of the smiling Quacky himself in convict's stripes peering through some prison bars, flanked by two animated ducks who cheerfully flap their wings. A short but telling set of links connect to the most damning revelations by the L.A. Times about the Quackster's inventive approach to funding his thinly disguised campaign ads. Editorials from major daily papers demanding Chuck's resignation are just a click away. The recall petition should be available online this week, as soon as it gets approved by the secretary of state. In the meantime, visitors can sign up for the NewsQuak Recall Email Newsletter.

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From the May 31- June 7, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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