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World Wide Weird

By David Espinoza


EVERYONE KNOWS that purveyors of everything bizarre Estradasphere puts on one of the best shows in town. What some folks don't know, though, is that the Estradas have a superb, visually and mentally stimulating website with tons of goodies. Makes porn and MP3s downright boring. There's plenty of color, with a misleading baby-blue sky background, plus photos of the band in Backstreet Boys attire and live pics of the circus (glam shots of the Death Metal Cheerleaders will always get my vote). The best material has to be the "news," which chronicles happenings of the band and circus. Spiritual leader and yoga meister Greg Enyart has started giving advice over email, and MC/pimp Bob Hathaway is now a permanent member of the crew. With an entire maze of info, from tour updates to soundbytes and merchandise (each option with a pop-up picture of a Days of Our Lives character), any fan would be entertained and disgusted for hours. Estradasphere's website gets an 11 out of 10: so much to read and gawk at. With the band out on tour, the site will no doubt serve as a home base for spreading the Estradasphere disease across cyberspace.

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From the June 14-21, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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