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This Week
June 20-26, 1996

The Lion Hunters: An inter-species
competition over food supplies
turns bloody as Monterey Bay
salmon fishermen take up
arms against sea lions.

Nuz: Skate park city, walk talk, buggin'.

Arts & Entertainment
Awake at the Cracker Dawn: Cracker shreds the pretensions of rockers everywhere on their recent "Golden Age" release.

The Neal Deal: This Bayou blaster nursed at the bosom of the blues.

Notes From the Underground: Punk's not dead yet.

Pissed!: Deciphering record label press speak.

O'Mei Zing Grace: Westside Sichuan restaurant features an all-star team of delicious Chinese provincial specialties.

Just Jury Up and Wait: A dull civic duty has turned to potential fame in the wake of The Trial.

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