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Event Horizon

Summertime, and the livin' is busy. So here are our Top 10 picks for the biggest happenings around Santa Cruz County

By Sven Sanchez

The Closest Santa Cruz Will Come To Hosting the Olympics

World Disc Games 2003, July 6-13 at Delaveaga Park, Santa Cruz. This is world-class stuff that'll leave you spinning. Information: 831.462.5293.

Best Bets for Fourth of July

1. 10K Firecracker Race, Harvey West Park, Santa Cruz. Information: 831.420.5373.
2. Aptos Fourth of July Parade, Soquel Drive and State Park Drive, Aptos. Featuring, of course, the World's Shortest Parade. Information: 831.688.1467.
3. Spirit of Watsonville, downtown Watsonville. Information: 831.728. 6183.

Best Place to Meet a Girl Named Maria

Cabrillo Stage presents West Side Story, July 11-Aug. 17 at the Cabrillo Theater in Aptos. Musicals arguably don't get any cooler than the Jets and the Sharks. Information: 831.479.6154.

Featuring Hot and Cool Running Riffage

Santa Cruz Hot and Cool Jazz Festival, July 17-19, Cocoanut Grove, Santa Cruz. You'll be whistlin' Dixie, they'll be playin' Dixieland. Information: 888.474.7407.

You Can Teach an Old Saw New Tricks

Musical Saw Festival, July 20 at Roaring Camp, Felton. Free performances from masters of metal. Information: 831.335.4484.

What You've Been Training for All Year

31st Annual Wharf to Wharf Race, July 27, Santa Cruz Wharf. What, you weren't training all year for this six-mile hustle from Santa Cruz to Capitola? Well, too bad, we already entered you. Now get out there and make us proud! Information: www.wharftowharf.com.

Best Place to Expand Your Musical Horizons

Cabrillo Music Festival, August 1-10, Santa Cruz Civic. This prestigious and innovative festival just landed a couple more awards, as if they didn't have enough already. Now go! Information: 831.426.6966.

Fruit Near the Bottom (Of This List)

Strawberry Festival, Aug. 2-3, downtown Watsonville. Summer ain't over 'til we get the chance to hit the red stuff at this annual festival. Information: 831.728.6183.

Best Place to Get Your Ass Kicked By Metro Santa Cruz

Aloha Races and Polynesian Festival, Aug. 24 at the Santa Cruz Wharf. That's right, Metro Santa Cruz's heroic Team Voltron returns to the lineup for these riveting ocean races. OK, so we sucked last year. This year, we've got a secret weapon (hint: where would Voltron be without mechanical lions?) Information: 420.5273.

Flowers! So Many Flowers!

Begonia Festival Parade, Aug. 31 at Soquel Creek in Capitola. Information: 831.476.3566.

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From the June 25-July 2, 2003 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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