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The Line Online


By Rob Pratt

THERE ARE TWO THINGS that locals know about Sunday breakfast: one of the true pleasures of living in Santa Cruz is Linda's Seabreeze Cafe on a foggy summer morning--and it is one of the true terrors. Crowds mob the place from mid-morning to well past the lunch hour, which can turn a hopeful trip anticipating a belly stoked with grilled potatoes and fresh muffins into an exercise in famished frustration. The Igneous Group, a web consulting firm with offices in a prized location just across the street from the famed cafe, points a live, 24-hour web cam on Linda's exterior--offering a prized glimpse of the lineup to diners seeking to time their breakfast foray. Now, if Igneous could just figure out how to deliver Linda's smoked tofu scramble over the web, it'd be ready for an IPO that could challenge any first-day pop.

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From the June 28-July 5, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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