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This Week
July 3-10, 1996

Heck's Angels: On the 49th
anniversary of the Hollister
takeover by outlaw bikers,
Harley-Davidson courts a
'Born to Be Mild' generation.

Nuz: Questions about a proposed skate park.

Arts & Entertainment
Inka Inka Spots: Winner of three Bammies, South Bay band proves that reggae is much more than a black-and-white matter.

Notes From the Underground: City quashes the Basement, but the bands play on.

Pissed!: Read the label, expose a fraud.

Heavenly Intervention: Tony Kushner's seven hour epic, Angels in America, lands in Santa Cruz.

New Davenport Doesn't Cash Out: Coastal ambiance can not quite balance inconsistent service and culinary execution at the landmark New Davenport Cash Store.

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