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Planet Dotcom

By David Espinoza


THIS WEBSITE HASN'T been updated since late last year, but Santa Cruz's good ol' Saturn Cafe has never been known for quick service. Some might ask what good is a website for a restaurant. (Foolish technophobe! Everyone has their own website these days, even my pet turtle, Sarky.) As we all know, Saturn Cafe is much more than a mere restaurant, it's a Santa Cruz cultural icon--a symbol of this town's unique if not altogether quirky lifestyle. Translating that lifestyle into cyberspace of course is a difficult thing to do, and this website could use a few live-cam pictures of the restaurant, especially if it hopes to attract tourists from Zimbabwe and Canada looking for that pure American kitsch factor. For the time being, Saturn's site serves its basic function; it's pretty, colorful (like the cafe's patrons and workers) and has lots of cute little space buttons that lead to merchandise and other amenities worth exploring.

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From the July 5-12, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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