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Hang Time

Darryl Ferrucci
Swing Shift: 'Darryl on Rope' is just one of artist Darryl Ferrucci's works on sale this Saturday night at So Say We.

Moving & Storage Performance Company visual artist Darryl Ferrucci appeals to the local masses for a wall of funds

By Karen Reardanz

ART AUCTIONS MAY MEAN NOTHING MORE to most folks than a few strings of Jackie O pearls and a Lady Di dress, but things are about to change. There's an art auction a brewin', and it's Santa Cruz's answer to a high-society Sotheby's dealing of the crème de la crème's ... well ... crème. Not simply an evening of high-falutin' stuffed shirts forking over the big bucks for art items, this Saturday's benefit and soiree pays tribute to a talented artist trying to raise some funds for edgy local art projects.

Artist and photographer Darryl Ferrucci, best known to many as the father of First Night's gargantuan wall hanging that called the corner of Soquel and Pacific avenues home for a few scant months, is also an integral part of local arty troupe Moving & Storage Performance Company and a major player in Santa Cruz's unique performance group. The man's been creating larger-than-life art pieces to accompany the company's performances, and on Saturday night he'll auction off some of his works at So Say We in an effort to collect money for future Moving & Storage projects, such as this fall's show at MAH.

Ferrucci's abstract art pieces could play a part in the upcoming performances, but only if the company can raise funds for its production. "We'd like to hang large pictures at the museum show, but whether or not they appear depends on the money raised," Ferrucci says.

The artist conceived the auction idea after private benefactors offered him money for previous artistic ventures, like the First Night piece. If it worked once, he thought, why not open the bidding up to any of Santa Cruz's art lovers?

Not only are Ferrucci's works up for bid, but local song luminaries and Ferrucci/Moving & Storage Company familiars Nancy Le Van and Jeremy Lutes of Dresden will give it their musical all in a bare-bones version of their band's finest ammo. There also surely will be many of the scene's finest performers milling about, offering up bits of entertainment--or, at the very least, some spicy conversation.

While you may muse that you don't quite have the wall space for a 3-by-8-foot portrait of Ferrucci himself dangling on a rope, don't despair: There will be quite enough art to fit even the most discriminating tastes.

Darryl Ferrucci's auction kicks off Saturday (6pm) at So Say We, 418 Front St., SC. For more info, call 458-1803. Ferrucci's works for auction also will be on virtual display for the indecisive or stay-at-home types.


Bulkheader and performance theater maestro Bruce Lee makes his way to Watsonville's Henry J. Mello Center, and Womenfolk command a second performance at What Is Art? on July 19. Moving & Storage Performance Company/Crash, Burn & Die Dance Company takes the stage at the Cabrillo Music Festival Aug. 2, and Peter Gault, Amy Rachelle and their Psycho-Sexual Incantation find their way back to Santa Cruz in early August for another round of their imagery barrage and spoken-word package.

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From the July 10-16, 1997 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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