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This Week
July 18-24, 1996

Declaration of Independents:
Small Santa Cruz booksellers
battle the big chains by
mining narrow niches.

The Animal Factory Next Door: SC Biotechnology wants the county to butt out of its coastal bio-farm, but neighbors say the company is elusive and needs tending.

Arts & Entertainment
Talking Pictures: Two heavyweight comic book artists think Arnie's 'Eraser' is too big for its own britches.

Notes From the Underground: Bands resort to private venues in these clubless days.

Pissed!: Le Chic is no more.

Austen-tatious: Jane Austen finds love and success in charming West Abbey production of 'The Novelist.'

Bigger, Better Bittersweet: Proving that you can pour new wine into old bottles, Bittersweet Bistro re-invents Deer Park Tavern with style and restraint.

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