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[whitespace] Fenced Out of Cyberspace

By Mike Connor

HOW MUCH does it suck that KPIG has had to cut out most of its Internet streaming from the CyberSty? In case you didn't get the news, here's what piggies found on the website last week: "KPIG's owners have decided that they have no choice but to suspend KPIG's live webcast in the face of the fees that would be due under the most recent Copyright Office ruling. We're definitely hoping that this is just temporary, and that a reasonable solution can be found soon. Our webcast will continue with a mix of live recordings made here at KPIG (which aren't subject to the fees)--with more features coming soon. For the time being, the playlist will continue to show what's on FM--so at least you local Pigs can use it."

The problem is that the new fees are too expensive for smaller companies, having been designed to deal with megacorps like Yahoo! in mind, leaving the little guys in the dust. Or, in the red, anyway. This will not stand, man! This aggression will not stand!

On a happier note, the Swedish folk trio Bjarv played sets on KPIG and KUSP over the weekend. They've also been performing downtown all weekend, giving hangers out a taste of the nyckelharpa. Huh, you say? Nicklewhat? Oh, yes, of course! The traditional string instrument from northern Sweden that looks a bit like a medieval instrument of torture! Ah, but it's quite pleasant actually; it's keyed like an accordion and sounds like a violin with rich, sympathetic resonance. Olaf, Mikael and Ben will be performing at Henfling's on July 24.

Attack of the Killer DJs

Lucky for everyone who appreciates quality DJs and a place to dance into the wee hours, Santa Cruz promoters have definitely been on the ball as of late. Last Wednesday's FLOW featured Little John and Doc Martin on the turntables, and a whole lot of sweaty people dancing their asses off at the 418 Project. It was sweet to see Doc Martin treated like the superstar that he is, what with the "Santa Cruz Welcomes Doc Martin" sign and a beautifully elaborate shrine of flowers and knickknacks in front of the turntables. On July 24, producer/promoter/performer DJ Harvey from London will skip the six-hour set for the Ministry of Sound in London and the Calvin Klein fashion shows to which he's usually invited to spin. Instead, he'll be here in Santa Cruz to bring us his "up-tempo dance music with some midtempo stuff" at the 418 Project.

Forces of Yoga Unite

Not to be confused with the forces of evil, an exceedingly flexible bunch convened on the Cosmik Casbah last Saturday at the Vets Hall. Never before have I felt so comfortable doing calisthenics and yoga poses as a predance warm-up. The Casbah proved to be full of good vibes, from the old garde and the new. It was like a communal healing session but without all the rhetoric; just good beats and plenty of space (three floors) to get your groove on. On July 27, legendary SF DJ Cheb I Sabbah from Algeria will spin his blend of techno and traditional Indian music at Vets Hall.

You May Have Already Won

Oh wait, no you didn't. The winner of the battle of the bands this past weekend was actually the Expendables. Apparently they played very well while I was getting drunk in the other room--a major downside to 16-and-over-shows. I did manage to catch the last few songs and the tail end of a mosh pit. It was great to see local music fans losing their shit for their favorite bands. Friday's show sold out and over 650 people made it to Saturday's. Only problem was that a lot of people only stuck around for certain bands, so it kind of petered out toward the end.

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From the July 24-31, 2002 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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