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This Week
July 25-31, 1996

Space Cases: The skeptical cast
dispersions on the notion of
alien visitations, but UFO
sightings, lore and research
refuse to go away. Could it
be because it's real? A leading
British UFO researcher gives
MetroActive the scoop on coverups and crackpots, while a local author debunks the moon landing.

Plus, the alien revolution has been televised:
An X-Phile's view of TV's deepest, darkest show. What Orson Welles would say about Independence Day and novelist Jay McInerney's experience with The Arrival.

Arts & Entertainment
Notes From the Underground: Local artists stage lively, warped show in Watsonville.

Pissed!: Has Lollapalooza lost its alternative flavor?

Saucy Tart Rolls into Town: Responding to the sheer pleasure of Cafe Emmanuelle's interior ambiance, patrons are giving the new dinner hour a cult following.

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