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Speed Racers

[whitespace] Hot Sheet on NASCAR Action at the Watsonville Speedway

Address: 2601 E. Lake Ave., Watsonville
Also Known As: Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds
Digs: 728-4747
Events: Grand American Modifieds, Street Stock, Figure Eight, American Stock, occasional Demolition Derby
Track: Quarter-mile clay oval
Age: 40 years
Track President: Richard G. Farren (Rick)
Track Historian: Bruce Crowley
First Female Mechanic-of-the-Year: Melanie Penney, 1996, 1998
Watsonville's Women Drivers: Cindy Clark, Glenda Clark, Melissa Fuhrman, Kim Gillespie, Sheila Locatelli-Wallace, Melanie Penney
Registered Drivers at the Speedway: 125
Strangest Track Rule: The "claim rule" in the Grand American Modified or American Stock races. The top three drivers in the main race can claim parts of other drivers' cars.

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From the August 4-11, 1999 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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