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This Week
August 8-14, 1996

Rock Around the Clock:
For middle-aged pop stars
on the oldies circuit like
Mark Lindsay, rock and
roll will never die.

Arts & Entertainment
Bay Window
Web's White Ghosts: Forget about cyberporn, a more sinister threat is goosestepping its way across the Net.

Talking Pictures: Two drug activists take a poke at the giddy Scottish heroin high of Trainspotting.

Moby Grape's Raisin d'Être: After surviving drug abuse and homelessness, 60s rockers Moby Grape reunite.

Notes From the Underground: Those who can't escape the past are condemned to sell it.

Pissed!: Has-beens reunite not for money but for ego strokes.

Fools for Love: With SCC's production of 'Twelfth Night,' both cast and audience can live happily ever after.

India Joze Service Woze: Legendary India Joze Restaurant remains a study in contrasts, where one of the all-time inventive menus receives service from hell.

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