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Clowning Around

By Andrea Perkins


DID YOU KNOW that a clown wrote the lyrics to "Macarena"? If that isn't reason enough to question the motives of clowns, I Hate Clowns provides 34 more. This site is a comprehensive support system for people who hate and/or fear clowns. Those with ambivalent or indifferent feelings toward clowns will still find resonance. Admirers of Santa Cruz's Mr. Twister be warned--some assertions may be offensive. Clowns are derided for everything from their big floppy feet to their proclivity to "jam too many of their kind into a small car." There are anti-clown forums for people to share clown stories and experiences, anti-clown discussion groups and anti-clown surveys. There are Shockwave games called "Clown Invader" and "Punch the Clown." There are T-shirts, stickers, mugs and mouse pads for sale sporting the catchy motto, "The only thing we have to fear is a clown, that's it." Plus there's a free email service with the totally kickass address: @ihateclowns.com.

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From the August 9-16, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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