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ADAM LEVIN: Gherkin's manager beginning in 2000. Before that, he hosted a ska show on KZSC called Gangsterbop that featured live performances from Slow Gherkin and many other bands.

A.J. MARQUEZ: Gherkin's lead guitarist, who also shares frontman duties. He wrote and sang lead vocals on songs like "Cable," "Another in Your Life," and "Oxford Way."

BRENDAN THOMPSON: Gherkin's bassist since 2000. Formerly of the Santa Cruz band the What-Nots.

CAROLINE SUPERFAN: A.k.a. Caroline Klemp, said by many to be the band's No. 1 fan for several years.

JAMES RICKMAN: Slow Gherkin's chief frontman. He wrote and sang lead vocals on songs like "Slaughterhouse," "Thumbs Down to Generation X" and "Shed Some Skin." He also played drums early on and plays guitar.

JOSH MONTGOMERY: A.k.a. "Monty." Gherkin's trumpet player from '94 to '99. Wrote many instrumental parts in collaboration with other band members.

JOSH NELSON: Longtime friend of the band and co-founder of the loose collective Join or Die. Besides playing with members of the band in several other projects, filled in on a Gherkin tour of Europe.

ROB PRATT: Played tenor and baritone saxophone in Slow Gherkin circa '94-'98. Wrote many of the band's horn parts; also wrote and sang "Factories" and produced the Double Happiness album.

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From the August 14-21, 2002 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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