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Handed Down the Wire

Greg Lisher
Handed Down the Wire

Possibly the last member of the illustrious Camper Van Beethoven clan to record a solo effort, ever-clever guitar virtuoso Greg Lisher woke up from a long, five-or-so-year sleep and most lucidly cut an album. Handed Down the Wire is a soft-spoken, crafted collection of songs--one of the best from the Camper alumni. Dusky lyrics concealed amongst the spirited tunes--lifting the black thoughts from what might have been too self-conscious and dark--turn into good honest songs that vacillate between the catchy and doomed "By the Wayside" to the incredibly hopeful but tangled "Open Your Eyes." For a man who spent years defining the sound of Camper and Monks of Doom, Lisher ends up sounding as if he were actually the guitarist and songwriter from XTC the whole time.
Bruce Willey

Mike Auldridge, Bob Brozman and David Grisman
Tone Poems III
Acoustic Disc

Everyone should have at least one Hawaiian guitar recording; evoking the mellow vibe of the tropics is always a cure for the craziness of today's society. Tone Poems III could very well be the CD that does the trick--that and a gardenia bush outside the bedroom window. Mike Auldridge, Bob Brozman and David Grisman, devotee/extremists of vintage acoustic guitars, mandolins and Hawaiian steel guitars, present the third in a series that explores slide and resophonic guitars. The album has been recorded superbly, featuring 21 tunes covering the years 1915 through the present. The booklet that accompanies the CD is of museum quality and features outstanding photos of the guitars and mandolins used on the album.
Dan Young

DJ Tripp
Music Is the Key

The way for a performer to break out of a local market is to get a decent calling card, and favored local DJ Tripp has done that with Music Is the Key, his new eight-song EP. Covering the rave/dance genre, the album journeys into house, trip-hop, jungle and a wee bit of trance. With the vocals of guest artist Jennifer Daniels, Tripp creates what could best be described as gospel house--a fun concept. While not breaking any new ground, Tripp has put forth a product with clean technical values that showcases his creative abilities. Tripp has laid a solid foundation for further work. Find a copy, slap it in the player of your car and hit the highway for an end of summer road trip.
Dan Young

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From the August 23-30, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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