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August 29-September 4, 1996

Time Bandits: America labors to stop its slide into workaholism and listen to the lure of leisure.

Literary Quarterly
The Roots of Surfing: A reprinted classic searches for surfing's origins.

Drinking: A Love Story: When booze becomes both your lover and your enemy.

Baked Potatoes: Handy helpers leaf through the best videos for stoners.

Becoming Modern: Thanks to local author Carolyn Burke, '30s rebel reigns again.

Free Your Mind: Pathfinding guide for gay, lesbian and bisexual youth illuminates the way.

Omnivores: Lydia Millet hits home with surreal feminist tome.

The White Boy Shuffle: Anarchic comic universe infuses cool black guy's saga.

Bird by Bird: Bestseller is smart, funny and mesmerizing--and not about birds.

The Forgotten Pollinators: A crucial web links flora and their reproductive partners.

Arts & Entertainment
Notes From the Underground: More on the promotion commotion.

Seaside Sensations: Establishing its turf, right by the surf, Beach Street Cafe keeps on delivering quick coastal culinary prizes.

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