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Stroke of Genius: Metro Santa Cruz's outrigger crew took print-media honors at the recent Polynesian Festival.

Nüz Vacation

Metro Santa Cruz is happy to announce that our four-person outrigger crew was undefeated in the print-media division of the Aug. 26 Aloha Novice Races at Santa Cruz Wharf. (Okay, so there were no other print-media teams competing, and we finished fourth out of four in our one and only heat, but we did place first on land, with Nüz scrambling up the public landing stairs and into the crowded Polynesian Festival before anyone else in the race).

Winning isn't everything, of course, and Nüz enjoyed browsing tropical schlock stalls while listening to slack- key master Rev. Dennis Kamahaki, who really is an ordained Episcopalian minister, as well as one of Hawaii's most popular songwriters.

By the end of the day, Cabrillo College had stroked to victory on the waters below, with the Pleasure Point Paddlers placing second, and the wonderfully named Paddle Til You Pukelele and the Poi Boys placing third and fourth, respectively.

With only 355 days left until next year's race, Nüz resolves to embark on a regime of cold showers, discuss throwing and javelin hurling, supplemented by a diet of canned worms and cheese, so that we can really kick 'okole in 2002.

In the meantime, as a reward of sorts, Nüz (along with DeCinzo) is taking a well-deserved holiday weekend off and will return in the Sept. 12 issue.

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From the September 5-12, 2001 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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