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This Week
September 12-18, 1996

Chaos Theory:
Imagine a landscape
assaulted by neglect,
gridlock, hamburger
wrappers and corporate
sponsorship. Imagine
your national parks.

Not Kidding Around:
At Pacific Village School in Santa Cruz, hands-on students have a say in everything that affects them, including what it is they study and which teachers get rehired.

Arts & Entertainment
Very Busy Dizzy: With a new CD and a packed schedule, Dizzy Burnett and Grover Coe must double-time it to keep up with their new popularity.

Notes From the Underground: Contracts with indie labels can be as risky as the majors.

Ride the Spirit Wind: Criticized by some Native Americans for 'selling sacred secrets,' Hyemeyohsts Storm counters with an argument that no one is pure anymore, anyway, and the only thing we have in common is the planet herself

Hook, Line and Clinker: Always the heart of summertime action for San Lorenzo Valley locals and visitors, Trout Farm Inn keeps the old days alive.

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