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Cybersex Shop

By David Espinoza


THE BEST THING about this cyber version of downtown Santa Cruz one-stop-erotica-shop Camouflage isn't what you'd expect. Sure, the Cock-O-Rama, leather pasties with iron rings and seven-piece fantasy restraint kit are all tempting buys. The real keeper, though, is the collection of "anonymous" stories submitted via email and published here for your reading pleasure. Aptly titled "Erotica by You," this part of the site invites readers to send in stories, sexual experiences or personal fantasies--ideally ones that involve three to four Camofantasy.com products--and lets them enter a monthly drawing for a $69 gift certificate. It's perfect for Santa Cruzans too poor to afford expensive sex toys but who definitely know what they'd do with them. (Be forewarned: While the page has some hot and delightfully kinky material, it's hard to believe everyone writes that well. Methinks the Camouflage folks have hired a few professionals to enhance it.) Graphically, the layout is close to perfection, though some of the generic choose/search site buttons take away from the fun. Set to a lavender background and with magenta lettering, Camofantasy.com is neatly divided into sections that range from the sensual (edible lotions, Kama Sutra books) to the silly (penis gummy candy) to the hard-core (strap-on dildos and S&M toys). Trust me, there's plenty here to feast your eyes upon.

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From the September 13-20, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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