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[whitespace] girlACE.com Future of Girls

By Andrea Perkins


THIS SITE FOR GALS does not include all those pastel colors and cheese found on other girlie sites. The feel is bold and raucous--a mix of punk rock, hip-hop and unabashed hope for the future of all girls everywhere. Started by a jewelry- and handbag-making, poetry-performing, website-designing Santa Cruz female, girlACE's mission is to empower without gooeyness or celebrity glorification. The "toolbox" offers great links and good advice on a variety of topics like how to quit your job, make a zine, start your own business, get a grant, learn to surf and more.

The site is all about girls who get stuff done. Edgy articles on girl indie rockers, graffiti artists, fashion designers, circus performers, filmmakers, DJs, skaters and other "she-pirates, queens and go-getters" offer additional inspiration. Though made for and by girls, the bold-hued site offers grand retorts against the ghettoization of women in the arts. In the easy-to-navigate girlACE Shop, one-of-a-kind stuff made by girls--like cool handbags with embedded 45 RPM records and awesome hats--are offered at modest prices. And they don't support sweatshop labor, so it's a guilt-free buying experience.

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From the September 20-27, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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