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Photographs by Stephen Laufer

Wire Learning

The eyes have it as we haunt local bookstores in pursuit of required reading for back to school, and some cool frames to do it in. It's our most literate look at fall fashion ever!

The Town-Gown Connection

Shop till you drop--your classes--at these local shops that cater to students from head to toe

Aptos Comfort Co.: 94 Rancho Del Mar, Aptos (831.688.8007)
Aptos Shoes and Apparel: 94 Rancho Del Mar, Shopping Ctr, Aptos (831.688.8007)
Attitudes: 266 Mt. Hermon Rd., Suite Q, SV (831.440.0303)
Blue Moon: 1129 Soquel Ave., SC (831.469.4253) and 7558 Soquel Dr, Aptos (831.662.0914)
Boutique Moulin Rouge: 201A Monterey Ave., Capitola Village (831.475.2030)
Bunny's Shoes: 1350 Pacific Ave., downtown SC (831.423.3824)
Camouflage: 1329 Pacific Ave., downtown SC (831.423.7613)
Clothes Cottage: 911 Capitola Ave., Capitola (831.475.8339)
Cognito: 821 Pacific Ave., SC (831.426.5414)
Crossroads Trading Co: 811 Pacific Ave., SC (831.458.0555)
Dietle James: 245 R Mt. Hermon Rd., Scotts Valley (831.440.9142)
Encore Fashions: 5167 Scotts Valley Center, SV
Eye Q: 1101 Pacific Ave., Suite E, downtown SC (831.466.3937)
Eye Shapes: 783 Rio Del Mar, Aptos (831.688.1516)
Galla Cabana: 1364 Pacific Ave., SC (831.423.7575)
The Ivy Company: 930 41st Ave., Capitola (831.477.9015)
Jade: 1128 Pacific Ave., downtown SC (831.425.2244)
Love Me 2 Times: 1331 Mission St., SC (831.429.6210)
Masala Imports: 911 41st Ave., Capitola (831.462.1187)
Moon Zoom: 813 Pacific Ave., SC (831.423.8500)
Noland's on the Wharf Surf & Swimwear: Municipal Wharf (831.423.5500)
OM Gallery: 805 Pacific Ave., SC (831.425.1184)
Pacific Trading: 1224 Pacific Ave., downtown SC at Walnut Avenue (831.423.3349) and 504C Bay Ave., Capitola (next to Gayle's Bakery) (831.476.6109)
Paradise Surf Shop: 3861 Portola Dr., SC (831.866-644.0386)
Pretty Mama: 1501 41st Ave., Capitola (831.464.3700)
Purrfect Girl: 28 Rancho Del Mar, Aptos (831.662.2204)
Rouge: 110 Cooper St., downtown SC (831.454.0675)
Shandrydan: 107 Walnut Ave., downtown SC (831.425.8411)
Shoe Fetish:110 Cooper St., Suite 100G, downtown SC (831.454.0287)
Spex Appeal: 7735 Soquel Dr., (831.688.1130)
Velvet Underground: 1543 Pacific Ave., downtown SC (831.469.9401)
Yours, Mine & Ours: 220C Mt. Hermon Rd., Scotts Valley (831.461.9733)

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From the September 22-29, 2004 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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