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Sweet Tooth

[whitespace] All Things Creamy

Baskin-Robbins--Some traditions were meant to be broken--and to prove it, BR has long surpassed its original claim of 31 flavors. Open daily till 10pm.
Locations in Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Capitola, Aptos and Freedom.

Double Rainbow--Besides ice cream in every flavor of the spectrum, this downtown cafe has cappuccino and baked goods. Open Sun.-Thu. till 10pm; Sat.-Sun. till 11pm.
1123 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz (831/423-3231)

Fosters Old Fashion Freeze--What becomes a legend most? The classic chocolate-dipped, soft-serve ice cream cone. Weekdays till 11pm, weekends till midnight.
229 Laurel St., Santa Cruz (831/426-2311)

Gelato Bar at Riva Fish House--The destination for authentic gelato, with a killer espresso bean flavor. Flexible hours, usually closes around 9-9:30pm.
500 Municipal Wharf, Santa Cruz (831/429-1223)

Marianne's Ice Cream--With more than 30 years in the ice cream biz, this Ocean Street fixture boasts 71 flavors. If the numbers don't convince you, the flavors will. Open Sun.-Thu. till 11pm, Fri.-Sat. till midnight.
1020 Ocean St., Santa Cruz (831/458-1447)

Polar Bear Ice Cream--Shakes, sundaes and scoops of inventive flavors like Mexican chocolate and Burgundy cherry. Full espresso bar. Open Mon.-Fri. till 9:30pm; Sat.-Sun. till 10:30pm.
1224 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz (831/425-5188)

Saturn Cafe--Everyone has a favorite Saturn desert; some swear by the Turkish coffee mudpie, but the Chocolate Madness sends us into orbit. Open daily till midnight; Fri.-Sat. till 1am.
1230 Mission St., Santa Cruz (831/429-8505)

Yogurt Delite--Frozen yogurt flavors with a mind-boggling universe of topping choices. Open till 10pm, Sat. till 10:30pm.
1306 Mission St., Santa Cruz (831/429-6400)

House of the Rising Dough

The Buttery--The place for that traditional birthday/anniversary/wedding/bar mitzvah cake--and they also make a great macaroon.
702 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz (831/458-3020)

The Crepe Place--Tucked discreetly onto the back of the menu is the real reason for the popularity of the Crepe Place: the one, the only Tunisian donut.
1134 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz (831/429-6994)

Emily's Good Things to Eat--The sign over the door that reads "Relax: You Have Plenty of Time" helps prepare one for the prodigious array of fresh baked treats in Emily's pastry cases.
1129 Mission St., Santa Cruz (831/429-9866)

The Farm Bakery--Fresh fruit tarts are among the Farm's impressive pastry repertoire.
6790 Soquel Dr., Aptos (831/684-0266)

Kelly's French Pastry--Pastries, morning buns, cookies, custards, tarts, chocolate eclairs, cupcakes, cakes.
In the courtyard, 1547 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz (831/423-9059)

Gayle's Bakery--Fresh ingredients are the royalty at this European-style bakery.
504 Bay Ave., Capitola (831/462-1200)

India Joze--The presentation of the legendary India Joze dessert tray is a local rite of passage not to be missed.
1001 Center St., Santa Cruz (831/427-3554)

Noah's Bagels--Fuggeddabout the bagels, get the babka. Comes in the two required flavors, chocolate and cinnamon.
1411 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz (831/454-9555)

Pacific Cookie Company--The classic hot-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie is accompanied by a few tried-and-true variations on the theme.
1203 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz (831/429-6905)

Candy-Colored Clowns

Buckhart's Candies--Preservative-free, old-fashioned chocolate, fudge and toffee.
2-1231 East Cliff Dr., Santa Cruz (831/475-1286)

Chocolate at Shoppers Corner--The thoughtful folks at Shoppers have devoted an entire section to fine imported and domestic chocolate bars.
622 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz (831/423-1398)

MacKenzie's Kandy Kitchen--This family-owned establishment has the Midas touch when it comes to chocolate.
1492 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz (831/425-1492)

Marini's Downtown--Marini's has been selling candy on the Boardwalk for 83 years; the downtown location has the same famous salt water taffy, creamy chocolates and caramel apples.
1308 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz (831/423-3299)

Richard Donnelly Fine Chocolates--Call first, and you may catch the master in his kitchen, crafting his gourmet chocolate bars.
1511 Mission St., Santa Cruz (831/458-4214)

See's Candies--Some things never change. See's still has the same white-smocked, smiling ladies behind the counter, proffering a free chocolate sample with every purchase.
King's Plaza Shopping Center, Capitola (831/475-4410)

Truffles at Nelson & Plumlee's--Yes, it's a florist; but the glass case next to the flower counter contains an imaginative selection of sinfully rich chocolate truffles.
235 Cathcart St., Santa Cruz (831/458-1118)

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