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Night Howl
By Karen Reardanz

Connect the Cable:
Pacific Nothwesterner-cum-Santa Cruzan folky leads a round of acoustic music to benefit the What Is Art? salon

THOSE PACIFIC NORTHWESTERNERS may complain all they want about how we from the Golden State keep swarming their territory, upping housing prizes and polluting their space with our California ways, but we, the hospitable Santa Cruzans we are, don't mind it one little bit if they want to set up shop here.

One such type who's made the transition from logger land to Surf City just happens to be a musician who'll set up musical shop at What Is Art? on Tuesday night. Folky Elizabeth Cable (former Eugene-ite and Seattle res) leads this evening of original acoustic music, aptly titled Folk Rock For Your Soul.

Cable is best known on the local circuit as the woman consistently pounding the clubs and coffeehouses around town for the past year or two. Chances are you've seen her at the Poet & Patriot or on Channel 71, but she may very well be new to you.

The guitarist is described in all her press info as "a fiery redhead," but I don't know if "fiery" is really the word. Quiet, contemplative, a cappella, sure. Gutsy, maybe. But fiery? Eh, I don't know. That's a word that everybody and his dog lumps on a redhead whether she's the meekest little mouse or Poison Ivy herself. But I digress.

Cable has a penchant for folk music, and does it up with acoustic songs penned by her very own hand. She takes on all the usual stuff--young angst, heartache and all the injustices of the world--and backs it up with her own brand of guitar fingerpicking.

Acoustic rockers Breathe share the stage with young Ms. Cable. This former East Coast foursome turned heads--and supposedly some stomachs--last weekend at the Homeless Garden Party with that funk-heavy hippie rock that keeps the hemp-wearing happily twirling.

Whether this whole acoustic fest sounds like your cup of tea or not, it is a good deed--all the cash gaffled from your hard-earned donations goes to keeping What Is Art? up, running and constantly bringing Santa Cruz an alternative. As much as I may poke fun, there really is a shortage in spots for local musicians and artists to perform. What Is Art? has an open-door policy: Doesn't seem to matter what kind of music you play, if you're some struggling spoken wordy or if existential performance art is your thang--there's a spot on N. Pacific for you.

Consider it an act of arty goodwill. Help keep it all alive, if you're so inclined. If so, the whole shebang gets cooking on Tuesday (8pm) at 2044 N. Pacific Ave., SC. The sponsors request a sliding scale donation of $3-$10, but no worries if you're broke. No one's ever turned away for lack of funds. Need more info? Call 429-2257.


Lily Savannah and Annie O'Neill (half of last summer's FemmeVitale Tour) play the beach at Zelda's on Thursday afternoon. ... San Lorenzo Valley's Karmic Lightning flashes into What Is Art? for two shows on Saturday night.

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From the Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 1997 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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