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Looking at the way we live

Sunday, Oct. 1: War Crimes and Punishment

Zyklon Portrait Expressive exploration of one family's experience of the Holocaust

The Specialist: Portrait of a Modern Criminal Excerpts from the 350-hour trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Israel

Monday, Oct. 2: Making Babies

And Baby Makes Two The story of eight women who decide to become single mothers

The Child the Stork Brought Home An examination of the ethical and emotional dynamics of a California surrogacy contract

Tuesday, Oct. 3: In the Face of Globalization

Why Cybraceros? Presents a fantasy future in which rampant telecommuting allows the U.S. to import Mexican labor while the workers themselves stay south of the border

Performing the Border Mexican women in the border town of Ciudad Juarez talk about working on the low-wage end of the high-tech industry

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon Shows how U.S. agencies use technology to tell the nomadic Fulani of Mali where to go during severe droughts

Showdown in Seattle: Five Days That Shook the WTO Shows how new media practices were spawned at the Seattle demonstrations

Wednesday, Oct. 4: Roma ('Gypsies') in Cinema

Black and White in Color The unsentimental tale of acclaimed Romany singer Vera Bila

American Gypsy: A Stranger in Everybody's Land Centers on the civil rights battles of the flamboyant Jimmy Marks, the self-declared leader of America's one million Roma

Thursday, Oct. 5: Transgender Identities

Woubi Chéri The story of the fight for a distinct African homosexuality

Paradise Bent Looks at Somoan fa'afafines (boys raised as girls) who play an important domestic role in Somoan culture

Friday, Oct. 6: Stories of Travel

Papapapá A mix of animation, home movies and celebrity interviews that attempts to show the common destinies of people and vegetables

For Here or To-Go? Examines the dilemmas of South Asian professionals living in Southern California

A Portrait of Mr. Pink Presents a Jamaican ex-pat in Britain

Battu's Bioscope With an old projector and a sheet, Mr. Battu takes Bollywood films to villagers in India

Saturday, Oct. 7: Remembering Vietnam

Riding the Tiger A visual essay that incorporates archival footage, and the voices of farmers, soldiers, villagers and journalists reflecting on their experiences during the Vietnam War

The Cu Chi Tunnels Original footage of the elaborate network of underground tunnels built by people of Cu Chi province in North Vietnam

The Fine Print

Sunday Oct. 1 and Saturday Oct. 7 shows are in the UCSC Media Theater; Monday-Friday Oct. 2-6 shows are in the Louden Nelson Community Center, 301 Center St. All shows start at 7pm. Tickets are $3 per show, $15 for a festival pass. Tickets are available at the Santa Cruz Civic Box Office and Santa Cruz City Museum of Natural History. (420.6115 or www.meadfilmfest.org)

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From the September 27-October 4, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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