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Random musical notes about retail rock and a Big Bang, among others

By David Espinoza

THERE OUGHT TO BE an award for stores that play really good music. Not clubs or record stores, mind you, just regular shops that happen to make your head bob and booty wiggle when you walk in. Since there isn't one, I'm going to go ahead and salute tiny health food store Food Bin on Laurel and Mission streets for always having classic funk on tap. From Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Earth, Wind & Fire to Herbie Hancock and Michael Jackson (pre-Thriller but post-"ABC"), the people at Food Bin know how to make shopping for organic groceries an extra-special experience. Rock on, guys.

First Fry

Attention Fat Fry concert-goers: In case you don't already know, this month Los Lobos re-released on CD the band's classic 1977 debut, Los Lobos del Este de Los Angeles a.k.a. Just Another Band From East L.A.. Beginning with one of the best lines ever to open a record, "OK, guys, we're rolling," the album is a pillar of Chicano music--traditional Mexican folk sung con puro East L.A. ganas. One of my favorite moments is when Cesar Rosas jokingly sings, "Yo taco" ("I'm a taco"), while playing "Cielito Lindo"--you know, the stereotypical "ay yie yie yie" song.

Pizza Is Not a Crime

The final nail on the coffin for UC-Santa Cruz's activist cafe/concert hall the Pizza Junxion is all but in. Last week, the pizza 'n' revolution cooking co-op was served with a three-day eviction notice from Student Center management--the result of a rent check that bounced in June. Nonhierarchical, collectively chosen spokesman Doug Cronyn says the eviction was a response to a dispute between the Junxion and debtors requesting full payment for a loan that wasn't suppose to be due for some time. While the debtors have contested that the loan was to be paid off at a later date, the co-op now claims to have documents proving so and is taking up the matter with a vice chancellor.

That, of course, still doesn't change the fact that the locks have been changed and the Junxion is just about done for. For roughly two years, the Pizza Junxion has been one of the few safe places for local and touring indie bands to strut their stuff. There have been benefit shows against cancer, KZSC-FM (88.1) simulcasts, raves, teach-ins and too many other events to list, all contributing to Santa Cruz's underground community. Call Cronyn at 427.5581 if you're interested in making a last stand.

Big Bang Part II (of IV)

Speaking of safe places for the underground scene, the closing of the Pizza Junxion has caused a bit of shuffling for local bands, particularly the upcoming Big Bang festival (beginning Thursday), which had at least two shows scheduled at the venue. This Saturday's gig with Aislers Set, Dear Nora and Spike and Princess is now at the 418 Project at 418 Front St., Santa Cruz, and the following week on Oct. 7 (Nuzzle, Cherry Ames and the Max Lang Attack) will be at the Rio Theater, 1205 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz. For more info call 426.8610.

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From the September 27-October 4, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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