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[whitespace] Jeffrey Andrews
The Bowl Truth: Jeffrey Andrews is one of the art-glass masters whose work will be available at the seconds sale.

The Sixth Day of October--Be There!

A pottery sale with more than two decades of cult following precedes an evening of fireworks and apple pie

By Christina Waters

THE 26TH ANNUAL (my how time flies) Pottery and Glass Seconds Sale will fill Squid Row Alley, 1001 Center St., on Sunday (Oct. 6), 10am-3pm, with upward of 600 roving consumers all dedicated to finding that perfect platter, that must-have goblet.

The delightfully eccentric, twice-annual showcase for our impressive population of art-glass and ceramics talent has regularly been stocked with the apex of artisanal abundance.

Traditionally, the term "seconds" refers to artifacts that for whatever reason fail to make the first-string cut--less-than-perfect items, at least in the opinion of their creators. The term also covers experimental, overstock and one of a kind pieces. In many cases, the reason for a "seconds" label may be invisible to all but the eye of God.

"The whole thing began," recalls potter/organizer Ann Schwartz, "back in the Art Center days in 1977. The Art Center complex, which housed India Joze Restaurant, was one of those hands-on artist gallery/studios which offered inquiring patrons the opportunity to watch artisans in their studios, see how the handmade glass, pottery, textiles were made and, of course, buy some of the gorgeous stuff to take home."

Some of the original Art Center bohemian hard-core, such as glass artist Peter Vizzusi, still show at each Seconds Sale. The cult event will give the public an affordable crack at the celebrated ceramic wares of Judy Miller and nationally known Blast Glass, whose whimsical, sand-etched designs will be instantly recognizable. The voluptuous slumped and cast glassware of Jeffrey Andrews shows up in the gift stores of Gumps and the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Lorrie Antony's wearable art jewelry confections combine cane-glass beads with precious metals. Signature saucy teapots and vivacious vases have put Michael Lambert's playful ceramic designs into the pages of Architectural Digest, Metropolitan Home and even on the cover of Bon Appétit.

Among the approximately three dozen participants, there will be work from these and other top local craft meisters whose specialties range from fine ceramics and artglass of all kinds--slumped glass (think AnnieGlass), sandblasted and handblown--to pieces created from wood, precious metals and leather.

Schwartz (creator of graceful and durable stoneware items) reminds savvy shoppers that "prices are often marked down toward the end of the day, so if you really love a special piece--stick around."

Also please note that the currency at the Seconds Sale is cash and checks only--and bring a basket or box to carry away your purchases. Schwartz invites interested artists to contact her for participation in future Seconds Sales (the next one is May 4, 2003). For more information on the Seconds Sale, contact Ann Schwartz at 831.427.0650 or [email protected]

Look to the Skies

After you've purchased all the ceramics and glass allowable under California's very liberal Designer Handcrafts law, you'll want to position yourselves for prime fireworks viewing.

That's right, Oct. 6 is Santa Cruz' Fourth of July (don't ask), and the absolutely primo spot for viewing those stunning skyrockets is from the front lawn or veranda of the Darling House, where Darell and Karen Darling are once again sponsoring an all-American Apple Pie Festival to benefit the Resource Center for Nonviolence (an organization whose time has definitely come). Built by leading California architect William Weeks (who also created the Palomar Hotel and San Jose's Hotel De Anza), the Darling House is one of Santa Cruz' remaining historic landmark estates and hence makes the perfect backdrop for a chance to sample all manner of apple pies and desserts.

Those of you with old family recipes are invited to bring your apple dish for judging by celebrity apple connoisseurs. There will be prizes, apple bobbing, gobs of silliness, excellent surfer-watching, fireworks viewing from the veranda and the chance to put a few dollars toward a seriously worthy cause.

Fireworks and apple pie at the Darling House--314 West Cliff Dr.--will run you a mere $10 per person, $25 per family suggested donation. Reserve your spot for fireworks and apple pie (all overlooking Cowells Beach) by calling 423.1626, and for more information, visit www.rcnv.org.

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From the October 2-9, 2002 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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