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[whitespace] Gypsy Boots Gypsy Boots In Santa Cruz: August 26, 1968. Gypsy Boots and Eden Ahbez were two early vegetarians who were very wise to the ways of promotion. Especially Hollywood promotion. Gypsy is shown here sitting on the old Catalyst fountain which was almost exactly where Bookshop Santa Cruz's podium and lecture space is nowadays. Here Gypsy is reading and plugging his own book, 'Bare Feet and Good Things to Eat'. Shown on the cover are Gypsy and Steve Allen. Eden Ahbez was the original Nature Boy of Nat King Cole's classic song with the same name.

Covello & Covello Historical Photo Collection.

Bruce Bratton

OUR OILY GOVERNMENT. Nina Burleigh, who's written for the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune, was among the first American journalists to enter Iraq after the Gulf War, as a reporter for Time magazine. She wrote an article for Tom Paine.com called "Missing the Oil Story." You need to read it in its entirety at www.tompaine.com/news/ 2001/10/11/index.html. In it she tells of George Bush Sr. and his travels and deals for Washington's Carlyle Group with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The Carlyle Group does defense and telecommunications business. So, as the article says, quoting Charles Lewis of the Washington-based Center for Public Integrity, "in a really peculiar way, George W. Bush could, someday, benefit financially from his administration's decisions, through his father's investments." The article concludes by saying, "So many business deals, so much oil, all those big players with powerful connections to the Bush administration. It doesn't add up to a conspiracy theory. But it does mean there is a significant MONEY subtext that the American public ought to know about as 'Operation Enduring Freedom' blasts new holes where pipelines might someday be buried."

DARK PLEASURES. Mulholland Drive isn't David Lynch's greatest film, Blue Velvet is. But M. Drive is a cinema nut's dream to watch. No two people will agree on what Lynch had in mind, but like Fellini he uses every film technique ever invented to say something. If you need a neatly wrapped plot, don't go. But if you too haven't quite figured out Hieronymous Bosch, Jackson Pollock, Charles Wolters, or Van Gogh and still like their works, don't miss M. Drive. Zoolander could have been an industry insider's great comedy, but it's so in-your-face it's a waste of everybody's time. Joy Ride is so simple, predictable and overdone it's actually boring. So is Serendipity: boring, predictable and simpleminded. Cusack's good but the movie isn't.

WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS? Patricia Matejcek sent a letter to the mayor and the City Council--otherwise known as the "Ding-a-ling Brothers, Darn 'em and Daily"--that makes you wonder. Pat is concerned about the large number of resignations from City Advisory body appointments. Without including address or job changes or otherwise logical causes, this is her list of resignations just within the last year. Police Review Board, 2; Downtown Commission, 2; Living Wage, 2; Parks & Recreation, 1; Water Commission, 2; Sister Cities, 3; Public Works, 2; Transportation Commission, 2; Planning Commission, 2; Watershed Advisory Task Force, 2; Public Art, 2; Pest Management, 2; San Lorenzo Urban River Plan Task Force, 2; Commission for Prevention of Violence Against Women, 1. Pat isn't implying anything, but is suggesting interviews with these resignees to see why they left. (Full disclosure ... as I've said before, I left my Downtown Commission position because I was fed up with the City Council not listening to its own advisory groups). It'll be interesting to see the council's reaction.

JAHVA HOUSE RULES. Watch for even more improvements happening in, on and at the Jahva House. Owner Kevin Foehr has started jazz and entertainment, and has overcome some incredible adventures. He's now re-creating the place to be a real meeting site for all the community, like the old Catalyst used to be when it was in its original location on Front Street.

SEVENTH ANNUAL SEVENTH SENSE. Nothing makes more sense than to go see Seventh Sense, the wild, weird and wonderful fashion show happening at 8pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 19-21, at 418 Front St. Audience dress is requested to be "Santa Cruz Formal." Persons from all over model these wearable fashions that must at least be wearable up and down the runway. Last year's videos were nearly unbelievable but nice. Some tickets are still available at Madame Sidecar at 907 Cedar St. I'm not supposed to tell you this, but there'll be a champagne fountain during intermission. I'll try to save you a seat but don't count on it.

RIVER STREET SIGN. Anti-River Street sign calls and messages keep coming in, and thanks. Ken Koenig, Sheila Carillo, Dr. Christina Waters and dozens of other concerned folk want to do something to get rid of that damned ugliness entirely and swiftly. Bruce Suba says the extremely expensive sign was made in Oakland by Arrow Signs and wonders why local talent wasn't used. I'd heard that the folks at HotSprings Spas right next to the sign liked it--not true. I called them, they said they too think it's "hideous" and get dozens of customers every day who think it's not right for Santa Cruz. I repeat, the sign was part of the original Gateway Plaza plan and was approved by that City Council years ago. It was reapproved by this City Council. I've called both the mayor and vice mayor to see what direction all these objections should take. I'll let you know what I hear.

OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Doesn't it seem a bit odd that the Republicans and right-wing citizens who usually cry out the loudest to stop central government, to get government out of business, and to try to reduce Washington's influence are the very same patriots who demand total loyalty and shout how we must follow our leader, regardless of what he says, does or demands? On the same topic, Friday's Chronicle said that veep Cheney is very alive and well and is in deep protection somewhere. He's also making a lot of Bush's decisions, so I guess we don't have anything to worry about.

PROFESSIONAL BOXING. Jerry Hoffman's 12 Sports Productions has put together another "Riot At The Hyatt" night of pro boxing at Monterey's Hyatt Regency Hotel. Every one of these events sells out so don't waste time getting tickets. Jose Celaya, Glenn Donaire, Jose and Jorge Landin, Nonito Donaire and Tony Avila will be facing off and so will two pro-women boxers. Charge tickets by phone at 831.688.1604.

RHYTHMS OF HARMONY. Local musicians of all cultures are creating an evening titled "Rhythms Of Harmony." It'll be at the Rio Theatre on Thursday night, Nov. 8. All funds generated will go to the Red Cross. Sirocco, Pankind, Kosono and Broken English will all be performing. All facilities, publicity, resources, everything is donated. Rhythm Fusion is putting it all together. They need some folks to help promote, manage and coordinate the event. It's a bringing together of many folks for a worthy cause. Call or visit Rhythm Fusion at 423.048 and let's make this one grand evening.

BUMPER STICKERS. Thanks go to John Delaforesta, who's remained on the lookout for bumper gems. He reports in with "A Fool and His Money Are Soon Partying." That sounds like an excellent idea.

Bruce critiques films every other Thursday on KUSP-FM (88.9). Reach Bruce at [email protected] or 831.457.5814, ext. 400.

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From the October 17-24, 2001 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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