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Photograph by Richard Cash

We'll Rip Your Soul Apart! Nah, Not Really: Is that the true form of Hexamorpheus seated second from the left? No, silly, it's only Lief Sorbye, lead singer of Tempest.

My Demon Music Lover

Back from the deepest, darkest pit of hell, the Metro Santa Cruz staff demon returns for Halloween

By Hexamorpheus, King of Demons, Sovereign of the Bottomless Pit

Greetings, my tender, succulent mortals! I, Hexamorpheus, have returned to do more bad things--like, you know, unleashing plagues and, like, horribly pestilent prairie dogs all across the land--to you all! Ahhaahahaha! All cower before the demon roar of Hexamorpheus! Rar!

Undoubtedly you are preparing to indulge in your ridiculous annual custom of expressing some feeble alter-ego that will one day burn in the horrible fires of hell for all eternity with the rest of your pathetic selves. But it's all the same to Hexamorpheus, who delights in your tribute to shattered souls, ghastly demons and, for some reason, vampish Catholic schoolgirls--Hexamorpheus counted nine of them downtown last year! Hexamorpheus wonders what this world is coming to ... but He digresses! Put your good books away and let the sinful carousing begin! Salvation is for sissies!

Temple of the Dead
A labyrinthian walk-through haunted house filled with otherworldly creatures stalking you every step of the way, running every night through Nov. 1, starting at 7pm each night in front of the Boardwalk. Tickets are $10 per person; children under 8 years old not admitted. Call 831.427.4569 for more information.

Hieroglyphics at Catalyst
Halloween costume ball featuring Del the Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual, Pep Love from the legendary Hieroglyphics crew. With special guest Little Brother and Encore. Costume contest with $500 first prize. $20-$25; 9pm; 1011 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz; 831.423.1336.

Dakota Costume Contest With DJ Becca
Let's face it; nobody does dress-up like the Dakota. Pumpkin carving contest on Thursday night (9pm deadline), costume contest with excellent prizes and a dance mix by DJ Becca. Winner announced at midnight. $5; 1209 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz; 831.454.9030.

Freaker's Ball at Don Quixote
Raindance presents the ninth annual costume dance party, featuring DJ Jeno from SF, DJ Lorin, a live electronic hybrid band, and live drumming by Goddess of Funk, accompanied by dance performances from Hipnautica. Tickets available at Streetlight; 9pm; 6275 Highway 9, Felton; 831.335.2800.

The British Invasion at Brookdale Lodge
'60s-themed costume dance party featuring Ian Mitchell's Bay City Rollers (original member reunion) and Gordon Waller (from Peter and Gordon). Prizes for best costumes! $20; 11570 Highway 9, Brookdale; 831.338.6433.

Tempest at Moe's Alley
These Celtic rockers fuse modern folk-rock with original and traditional Irish reels, Scottish ballads and other world music elements to put a new, edgy meaning into phrases like "bonnie lassie" and "yonder hill." This Halloween/Samhain celebration show includes a costume contest and lots of extra spooky good fun. $12-$14; 9:30pm; 1535 Commercial Way, Santa Cruz; 831.479.1854.

JB and Friends at Henfling's
Jerry Brown and Matt Hartle from Shady Groove, plus Eddy Strickler from Zyg and Keith Graves rock & roll all night. Costume contest with prizes. $10; 9pm; 9450 Highway 9, Ben Lomond; 831.336.8811.

Sonny Boy at the Windjammer
Blues rock band playing originals and covers of everything from the Beatles to T-Bone Walker. Costume contest! Free admission; 9pm; Rancho Del Mar Center, Aptos; 831.688.4433.

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From the October 29-November 5, 2003 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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