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The Metro Santa Cruz Cheat Sheet

Candidate Endorsements

14th Congressional District: Anna Eshoo

17th Congressional District: Sam Farr

27th Assembly District: John Laird

28th Assembly District: Simon Salinas

Supervisor District 3: Mardi Wormhoudt

Santa Cruz City Council: Tim Fitzmaurice, Thomas Leavitt, Mike Rotkin

Local Measure Endorsements

Measures Q, T, W and O (Hotel tax increase): Yes

Measure P (repeal of the city's utility tax): No

Measure S (ban on water additives, Watsonville voters only): No

State Proposition Endorsements

Prop. 46: Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund: Yes

Prop. 47: Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities: Yes

Prop. 48: Court Consolidation: Yes

Prop. 49: Before and After School Programs: No

Prop 50: Water Quality Supply and Safe Drinking Water: Yes

Prop. 51: Distribution of Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax: No

Prop. 52: Election Day Voter Registration: Yes

Voter Info Websites

www.votescount.com (Santa Cruz County)

vote2002.ss.ca.gov (State government, live election returns)

www.fec.gov (Federal Elections Commission)

www.vote-smart.org (National Project Vote Smart)

www.rockthevote.org (Rock the Vote)

www.smartvoter.org (League of Women Voters)

www.SantaCruzElection2002.org (local elections only )

Community TV Election Marathon

Community Television airs city and county candidate forums Nov. 2-4 on Channel 26, Nov.2-3 on Channel 27, and live election coverage Nov. 5, 8-11:30pm on Channel 26.

Hosts include Geoffrey Dunn, executive director of Community Television, Rachel Goodman of KUSP Radio and John Sandidge of KUSP and KPIG Radio. Invited guests include lieutenant governor candidate Bruce McPherson, Assembly candidate John Laird and District 3 supervisor candidates Mardi Wormhoudt and Mark Primack.

Community TV's Joel Domhoff will provide up-to-the-minute coverage of statewide and countywide races three times an hour throughout the evening.

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From the October 30-November 6, 2002 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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