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[whitespace] The Monster Trash: The Trailer Park Troubadours bring new meaning to the word 'scary' at the Kuumbwa.

All Dressed Up

In which y'all get your bad selves educated about stuff to do on Halloween

By Mike Connor

HALLOWEEN IN DOWNTOWN Santa Cruz seems to get livelier and rowdier every year, but word on the street is that the police are going to be out en masse this time, with a portable command post set up so they can ... um, do whatever it is they do from portable command posts. Call it homeland security, but the cops are going to do their best to control the drunken pagan chaos downtown on Halloween.

Meanwhile, there's a bunch of other stuff going on elsewhere, so here's a list of big-kid stuff to do on Halloween, plus a list of post-Halloween parties on Nov. 1 and 2. All shows are 21 and over unless otherwise listed.

Thursday, Oct. 31

Catalyst; $30-$35; 9pm
Practically an institution at this point, Superbooty's Halloween shows get hot enough to melt the makeup off even the most ghoulish creatures of the night. Fifteen pieces of funk (eight funksters and seven funkstresses) is the name of the game for these uncontrollable exhibitionists from Frisco.

Inferno: A Labyrinth of Sound
Vets Hall; $16-$20; 8:30pm; all ages
Multilevel party. Main Stage: Techno pagans of electronica Medicine Drum with live Native American drumming and dancers. DJ Dragonfly (Cosmik Casbah) and drum 'n' bass wizards Foxgluv also perform. Electronic Bliss Area: Colors underground crew. Purgatory Area: The Goddess of Goth (a.k.a. Nicole of Dominion and The Box); much more.

Trailer Park Troubadours' Halloween Hoot
Kuumbwa; $19; 7pm and 9pm
Trailer trash party with genuine, Southern-fried folkabilly pranksters Trailer Park Troubadours, plus KPIG DJs. This quartet of romantic minstrels celebrates the finer aspects of the redneck lifestyle with ... class? Well, it's lowbrow for sure, but somehow classy nonetheless. The uniquely conceptualized costume party awards prizes for best trailer-park get-ups, trashy or otherwise. If you win and didn't even know you had entered, be very afraid.

Halloween Freaker's Ball
418 Project; $15-$20; 9pm; all ages
Haunted Playground with three theme areas. SambaDa (Brazilian dance music), Gamelon Anak Swarasanti (nine-piece Balinese band), Sasha Butterfly, Nocturnal Sunshine and 15 DJs perform, including Little John, Fox Gluv, Selecta 7, Stryder and more.

Chop Tops Halloween Hoedown
Brookdale Lodge; $5
Crank up the red-hot hellfire in a bona fide haunted house, with bona fide local rockabilly boys the Chop Tops, plus the Lee Maverick Band and F-Hole. Wear the best costume, win a prize.

Lyrics Born
Moe's Alley; $10-$12; 9pm
Hip-Hoploween featuring the legendary gravelly voiced entertainer Lyrics Born of the Quannum crew. No costume prizes here; just straight-up hip-hop.

Halloween Extravaganza
Henfling's; $10; 8pm
The Firebirds play rock & roll blues, along with a costume contest for: best, scariest, sexiest and more.

Friday, Nov. 1

Burn the Man
Henfling's; $8; 9pm
A big, huge Latin tropical dance band known for their fire dances. Also, costume prizes for: most creative, most innovative use of plastics, scariest animal and more.

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From the October 30-November 6, 2002 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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