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All films at the Del Mar Theatre, 1124 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, except where noted. All admission free except where noted.

Friday, Nov. 1

Breaking the Silence, 7pm (China, 95 min.) With after-film discussion.
Crooked Earth, 9:30pm (New Zealand, 105 min.)
Rancho California, 7:30pm (U.S., 65 min.) At the Cabrillo College Watsonville Center Multipurpose Room, 318 Union St., Watsonville. After-film discussion with director John Caldwell.

Saturday, Nov. 2

Farewell to Manzanar, 1pm (U.S., 109 min.) After-film discussion with author/ screenwriter Jeanne Houston.
City of Glass, 3:30pm (Hong Kong, 115 min.)
Lagaan, 7pm (India, 225 min.)

Sunday, Nov. 3

Listen to the Forest, 12:30pm (U.S., 55 min.)
Rancho California, 2pm (U.S., 65 min.) After-film discussion with director John Caldwell.
Sons of Hawaii, 7pm (U.S., 70 min.) Benefit showing, filmmakers Eddie and Myrna Kamae will be present and musicians will play before screening. Mainland premiere. $12.
The Middleman, 9:30pm (India, 130 min.)

Monday, Nov. 4

Crooked Earth, 1pm (New Zealand, 105 min.)
Hittobe, 3:30pm (Japan, 92 min.)
Dam/Age, 7pm (India, 50 min.) After-film discussion with director Aradhana Seth. West Coast premiere.
Breaking the Silence, 9pm (China, 95 min.)

Tuesday, Nov. 5

City of Glass, 1pm (Hong Kong, 115 min.)
The Middleman, 3:30pm (India, 130 min.)
Daughter From Danang, 7pm (U.S./Vietnam, 81 min.) After-film discussion with filmmakers Gail Dolgin and/or Vincente Franco.
Hittobe, 9:30pm (Japan, 92 min.)

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From the October 30-November 6, 2002 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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