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The F Stops Here

Katherine Beiers
Katherine Beiers is a Santa Cruz city councilmember and former mayor. She led the fight to save Lighthouse Point and has been involved in numerous other environmental and civic preservation issues over the last three decades.

Katherine Beiers

Someone who has run so many political races--and laces up a mean pair of Reeboks to boot--would want to leave the same way. "My ideal send-off would be to have all my friends scheduled to run a three-mile race," says Katherine Beiers. "I would take the lead and then just disappear into the yonder." Beiers would title this particular jaunt "The Run of My Life."

All her favorite politicos would be there--the Prez himself would be jogging right along with her, and none other than former Santa Cruz County Supervisor Gary Patton would be firing the starting gun and providing commentary along the track.

The finish line would offer up ice-cold beer and fresh oranges to the tired and sweaty runners, and there'd have to be a "huge" end-of-the-run party. Beiers wants that old-time music--she's leaning toward Lawrence Welk, although the real thing would have to wait until she Crosses Over.

Just like 10K races, this 5K would benefit a worthy cause. Beiers wants this particular memorial race to raise money for dentures for the homeless. "There's a real need for it," says the longtime Santa Cruz progressive, citing the difficulties of finding a job without choppers.

Beiers already has her Final Exit outfit picked out, a T-shirt from the recent Napa-to-Santa Cruz relay race that she ran. In that endeavor, Beiers chewed up 18 miles to raise awareness about organ transplantation.

She's already picked the designated pallbearers--James Moore King and Linda Charman. And the two-term Santa Cruz councilmember even has chosen a tombstone inscription: "Born Langdon, North Dakota, July 17, 1932--New York Marathon 11/2/87 3:56:21." In case there's any doubt, the longtime city politico will be known forever for how well she ran the race.

There is something after this life, Beiers figures. "I think all the storybooks that I read as a child and my Catholic upbringing [lead me to believe] there is an afterworld," she says. "I will enjoy the peace."

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From the Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 1997 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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