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[whitespace] Beyond The Pols

As election day nears, polls show that more hangs in the balance than many voters think

On Nov. 7, residents of Santa Cruz County who bother to vote will have a hefty ballot to parse: a presidential race, a senate contest, national and state legislative battles; eight statewide ballot measures, city council races, a board of supervisors seat and a variety of local issues.

But voting is nothing compared to running for public office--a difficult and grinding experience under the best of circumstances. Metro Santa Cruz wishes good luck to all candidates, whether or not they receive our endorsement.

Candidate Endorsements: National and state offices, plus county and local races.

Propositions and Ballot Measures: State and local issues.

Selected Endorsements: A summary of Metro Santa Cruz's endorsements, plus a list of useful voter websites.

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From the November 1-8, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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