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Give It Up for The Holidays

A Metro Santa Cruz gift guide with something for everyone

It's time to take down last year's New Year's resolutions from the fridge and put up a new list: "Ways for Others to Stimulate the Economy on My Behalf." This holiday season, the sound of jingle bells is "cha-ching"--in other words, 'tis the season to spend.

For the conscience-stricken, we have gifts that soothe the troubled altruism gene. For the newly cocooning, we suggest a knitting streak longer than Joe DiMaggio's.

On the other mitten, for those who believe in the spirit but not necessarily the objective reality of holiday gifts, we've assembled, well, as a clutterless gift list that won't make a mess of the environment.

Figuring that supporting the local economy makes the most sense of all, we've surveyed some of the most unusual made-in-Santa Cruz treats, plus we've assembled a critic's choice of the best CDs by bands that don't want to go to L.A. or San Francisco.

This may be the first holiday season on record where the malls are decorated in green and red, and white and blue.

So unwrap the love. Free the dove. Santa ain't got nothing on you, baby.

Give Globally, Buy Locally: Three Santa Cruz businesses reach out with gifts no one can refuse.

DVDs of Christmas Future: Go for the classics, and avoid the clichés.

Presents of Mind: A clutterless gift guide, for those of us who have too much stuff.

Mixing Up Christmas: Gifts of music to soothe--or rile--the holiday beast.

Give the Right Thing: This year, toss the tea cozies and give presents with some purpose.

I of the Needle: Knitting can bring personal satisfaction.

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From the November 21-28, 2001 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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