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Druidic Technology

By Andrea Perkins


THIS EASY-TO-NAVIGATE SITE chronicles the dubious achievements of the Institute of Druidic Technology, a nonprofit organization dedicated to "conclusively proving that the ancient inhabitants of Britain had access to advanced computing technologies." According to the minds at IDT, Stonehenge is just one of many monolithic computing devices left over from a highly misunderstood age. Apparently, most ancient computers tended to be so advanced that they had no moving parts, allowing archeologists to look past their true identity as machines.

It is IDT's hope to displace the earlier work of these "old school" archeologists (who tend to be computer illiterate). The site's very elaborateness suggests there may be something more than chicanery at work. Extensive evidence is put forth in an attempt to prove that the first computing culture took root in approximately 6000 B.C.E. and continued until the Roman invasion, when the Druidic systems broke down under the conversion to Roman numerals. Pictures of Druidic mouse pads (which were hung from a wall and used standing up), a "flint mouse" and an ancient computer game called "Osric the Stoat" are accompanied by hilariously phrased arguments. An explanation of the Runix operating system (the Celtic OS of choice) will have geeks giggling for sure. In addition to in-depth explanations of Celtic computing and ancient software applications, the site also takes a good look at topics like the history of Spandex. A great site to visit on a rainy day.

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From the November 22-29, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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