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Photograph by Miramax Home Entertainment

Screaming for a White Christmas: The cast of 'Bad Santa' would you like to remind you that the unrated 'Badder Santa,' now available on DVD, is the perfect way to get into the holiday shopping spirit.

Gift Guide 2005

Elf Quest

Our powerful coterie of nondenominational elves scour the streets of downtown Santa Cruz. Their mission: Find atypical treasures for the 13 stereotypes on your gift list.

Photographs by Stephen Laufer

Have you ever gone gift shopping for other people and come home with gifts that are perfect--for yourself? We have, more times than we care to remember, which is why we enrolled a team of nondenominational elves (NDEs) to help us complete this week's mission: namely, compile lists of gifts that are available in downtown Santa Cruz and are suited to 13 typically sticky shopping wickets--the fashionista, the student, the homebody, the gadget geek, the hedonist, the hippie, the man in your life, the lovers, the athlete, the baby, the kid, the teen--and that most American of gift-giving categories, the pet (or, as we say in Santa Cruz, companion animal). The results are impressive. As our NDEs discovered, you can find gifts suited to everyone from finicky uncles, survivalist nieces and mountaineering grannies to budding lovebirds, surly teens and fashion-conscious pooches, all within walking distance of the heart of downtown.

In fact, there was only one major problem. Days and nights of pavement-pounding left our NDEs with sore feet and holes in the soles of their pointy-toed shoes.

But before we hasten to avert an elfin curse--a fate best avoided by massaging the NDEs' hairy little feet and replacing their worn-out shoes, may we suggest that you, dear reader, consult their lists and get started on your shopping before the real holiday chaos begins.

The Fashionista

It's not easy keeping up with fashion, especially in a weirdly original town like Santa Cruz, but our elves did a first-class job of tracking down bling and things that even J-Lo and P. Diddy (or whatever he's calling himself these days) would be proud to call their own.

Under $20
Tiny dream catcher necklace, $2, UNICEF store.
Socks with frog head booble, $5.50, Old School Shoes.
Bollywood change purse, $9, BOE.
Mango notebook, $9.95, Eco Goods.
Wooden bracelet, $10, Bunny's Shoes.
Silver-belled ankle chain, $10, Ravani.
Cambodian dried grasses purse, $12, La Playa.
The B-word 2006 calendar, $12.99, Logos.
Flower cell phone cover, $14.50, Bonny Doon Flowers.
Retro coin purse, $15, BOE.
Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Café Noir perfume, $15, Skymeadow Apothecary.

Ang Shrug, $22, Body Options.
Tweed clutch with rosette, $22, BOE.
Goorin knitted hat, $27, Old School Shoes.
Sea Fleur glass bead necklace, $30, Sock Shop.
Marjoire Baer earrings, $32, Museum Store.
Flower bag, $36, BOE.
Lucky crocheted scarf, $38, Uptown Jeans Co.
Metallic studded fashion bag, $39, Oh La La!
Delisch Simple earrings, $39, BOE.
Ribbon belt, $44, BOE.
Alchemy sunset-hued scarf, $45, Lotus.

Erad moose-patterned leather bag, $55, the Vault.
Sergio chainmail cuff, $56, Pacific Trading.
Moulin Rouge tote bag, $56, Museum Store.
Amber necklace from Poland, $57, UNICEF store.
Ed Harvey tattooed baseball cap, $78, Galla Cabana.
Lodis metallic clutch, $85, Shoe Fetish.
Pell Mell leather belt, $95, Jade.

Balloons Away!: While uplifing, the objects pictured are actually lamps at the Om Gallery.

The College Student

College students inspire fear in even the most seasoned gift buyers' hearts, but with the help of our elves, there's a chance that this year your gift could be upgraded to your student's "radically hip" category.

Under $20
Chinese Llucky Ties, $1.99, Crystal Kaleidoscope.
Five-inch Dahlia bowl, $3.50, Chefworks.
Name Your Poison shot glass, $3.95, Bunny's.
Walking sparking Nunzilla, $4.50, Paper Vision.
Total Bitch lip balm, $5, Velvet Underground.
Dashboard hula girl, $5, Paper Vision.
Trail map of Santa Cruz Mountains, $7.95, Bugaboo.
Ear muffs, $8, the Hat Shop.
Fair trade ankle chain with bells, $8, UNICEF store.
Clip-on reader's light, $9.95, Bookshop Santa Cruz.
"We Can Do It" night light, $10, Graphfix.
See-through studded belt, $11.99, Graffix Pleasures.
Costume jewelry earrings, $12$15, Shoe Fetish.
Alpaca wool gloves, $12.95, Eco Goods.
Dirty Girl bubblebath, $12.95, Velvet Underground.
Evolution hemp hat, $14. 95, Eco Goods.
System of a Down "Hypnotize" CD, $14.98, Streetlight Records.
Beaded choker, $16, Ravani.
Independent T-shirt, $18.95, Pacific Wave.
Betty Paige T-shirt, $19.99, Graffix Pleasures.

NorCal knitted beanie, $20, Pacific Wave.
Reef flip-flops, $20, Pacific Wave.
Granny scarf, $20, Body Options.
Metallic belt, $20, Oh La La!
Marla's Overwhelm Aromatherapy Mist, $22, Skymeadow Apothecary.
Dirty Girl foot kit, $23.95, Velvet Underground.
Carved bone pendant, $25, Lotus.
Traveling jewelry box, $27.95, Museum Store.
No Enemy long-sleeve T-shirt, $29.95, Eco Goods.
Felt Rasta hat, $32, The Hat Shop.
Belly dancing belt, $36, East Meets West.
Che Guevara backpack, $40, Graffix Pleasures.
Mei Fa hair accessories, $42, Pacific Trading.
Vietnamese lotus lamp, $49, Om Gallery.

Lotus Magic: Find beauty in fashion at the Lotus boutique at the south end of Pacific.

No Enemy hooded sweatshirt, $64.89, Eco Goods.
Jane Iredale Gold Mine Kit, $58, Skymeadow.
Vintage sequin sari, $95, Lotus.
Kuchi belly dancing belt, $80, UNICEF store.
Blue Tooth head-set, $80, North Pacific Cellular.

Over $100
Layered silk skirt with sequin ties, $105, Lotus.
LG VX 8100 cell phone, $119.99, North Pacific Cellular.
Mirrored, embroidered wall hanging, $150, Lotus.

Crystal Ball Power: Actually, it's a pendant, but it has Dragonwood's supernatural powers.

The Homebody

Homebodies are difficult to buy for, mostly because they love their home so much, they already have most of the gift ideas you think up. Luckily, our NDEs have some unique answers.

Under $20
Chinese pincushion, $2, UNICEF store.
Beaded napkin ring, $5.50, Chefworks,
Copper Creek cookie cutter, $5.50, Chefworks.
Assorted stone hearts, $7 each, Red Poppy.
Sugar Stripe Om tree ornament, $8, BOE.
Sunflower floating candle set, $8, East Meets West.
Feng shui mirror, $9.75, East Meets West.
Chinese Lucky Coin Mobile, $12, East Meets West.
Crystal pendant, $12.95, Dragonwood.
Mad Cow Magnet Set, $12.95, Velvet Underground.
Zen garden candle, $13, Nelson & Plumlee.
Penguin tree ornament, $13.50, Red Poppy.
Domestic Divination kit with tarot, $14.95, Bunny's.
Suntouched candle with hemp, $16.95, Eco Goods.

Sewing needle book, $20, BOE.
Chai tea masala candle, $20, Lotus.
Sonoma Lavender dream pillow, $20, Nelson & Plumlee.
Sunflower apron, $20, Chefworks.
Gourmet olive oil bottles, $22.50, Chefworks.
Safed candle, $24.50, Red Poppy.
Seda France candle in pagoda box, $27, Skymeadow Apothecary.
"Stamp Out Breast Cancer" charm, $28, Pacific Trading.
Couleur Nature tablecloth, $30$46, BOE.
Assorted elves, $30.50 each, Ferrari Florists and Gifts.
Chenille robes, $34, Shandrydan.
Cutting book board, $34, Museum Store.
Blokus four-person strategy game, $34.99, Game A Lot.
Eucalyptus heat wrap, $36, Nelson & Plumlee.
Menorah candelabra, $38, Red Poppy.
Floral centerpiece, $40 and up, Ferrari Florists & Gifts.
Giant stone frog, $49.99, Ferrari Florists and Gifts.

Sonoma Lavender spa blanket, $56, Nelson & Plumlee.
Lacquer sushi platters and trays, $60, Museum Store.
Kakadu handpainted lazy susan, $95, Museum Store.

Over $100
Le Creuset pate/terrine dish, $110, Chefworks.
Le Creuset flame-colored pot, $175, Chefworks.
Large stone angel, $325.95, Ferrari Florists and Gifts.
Duallit dual toaster, $220, Chefworks.
Breville Espresso machine, $400, Chefworks.

The Gadget Geek

Gadget geeks have every gizmo ever made, before the latest contrivance even hits the store. Still, our elves, resourceful as they are, managed to make more than a few gadgety discoveries lurking in downtown stores.

Under $20
Best Doggone Citrus Peeler, $2.00, Chefworks.
Walking Sushi wind-up toy, $3.95 Paper Vision.
Inside-out stretch glowing eyeball, $3.95, Paper Vision.
Supreme Lime Squeezer, $12.50, Chefworks.
Wind-up metal replica flying saucer, $8, Graphfix.
Photon microlight, $14.95, Bugaboo.
Timbuk2 cell phone holster, $14.95, Bugaboo.
Avocado slicer, $16.50, Chefworks.
Ricardo amulet light, $16.95, Museum Store.
Timbuk2 Ipod carrying case, $19.95, Bugaboo.

Carl Mentens wine thermometer, $42. Museum Store.
Hand carved puzzle box, $45, the Vault.
Bortoletti letter opener, $52, Museum Store.

Over $100
Blue Tooth headset, $100, North Pacific Cellular.
Motorola cell phone, $139.99. North Pacific Cellular.
Ego work briefcase, $160, BOE.
Leather laptop bag, $160, Shoe Fetish.
William Henry knives, $350 and up, the Vault.

The Hedonist

A hedonist, just in case you're wondering, is someone who self-indulgently pursues pleasure as a way of life. With that in mind, our elves selflessly sought out gifts that would aid and abet the hedonist's life ambitions.

Under $20
Magic stretch topless gloves, $5, Luscious.
"Jesus is coming, look busy" magnet, $5, Paper Vision.
Disco Duck, $5.95, Paper Vision.
Wind-up rice and noodle bowls, $5.95, Paper Vision.
Bonny Doon Farm soap, $7.50, Artisans.
Prescott Martini Glass, Artland, $10.50, Chefworks
Savon de Marseille soap, 300-gram block, $10, Skymeadow Apothecary.
Olive oil soap from Syria, $10, Skymeadow Apothecary.
Smartwool Ultra Comfy Socks, $14.95, Sock Shop.
Grapefruit Passion Candle, $19.50, Red Poppy.
Herbal animal eye pillow, $19.95, Eco Goods.

Vosges Exotic Truffles, $23, Skymeadow Apothecary.
Marjorie Baer earrings, $32, Shandrydan.
Plantronics headset, $34.99, North Pacific Cellular.
Anne Klein Umbrella, $42, BOE.
Silk and brocade embroidered belt, $45, Lotus.
Vietnamese lotus lamp, $49, Om Gallery.

Art Deco lamp, $54, Om Gallery.
Bedford cottage throw, $59, BOE.
Ultrasoft micro fiber chenille robe, $56, BOE.
Jurlique organic Lip Care Balm, $69, Skymeadow Apothecary.

Over $100
600-thread count queen cotton sheet set, $125, BOE.
Ray Charles "Pure Genius" Box Set, $124.98, Streetlight Records.
John Hardy sterling silver, $200 and up, the Vault.
Donald Pliner calf/snakeskin boots, $225, Shoe Fetish.
Myoxy Timeless Rejuvenation, $290, Skymeadow Apothecary.
Rick Satava jellyfish vase, $400 and up, the Vault.

Elf Music: 'Don't say I didn't warn you I'd play the violin if you didn't give me a foot massage,' said this elf we met at Ferrari Florists on Front Street.

The Hippie

Contrary to popular belief, a hippie is not necessarily a person who came of age in the '60s, but rather a person who believes in the ideals for which the hippies of the '60s are, rightly or wrongly, famed. Either way, our elves found plenty of hippie-minded goods alive and well in the Cruz.

Under $20
Floating candle, $2, World Market Bazaar.
Flags from around the world, $2.50 each, UNICEF store.
"Power Corrupts" bumper sticker, $3.29, Game A Lot.
Peace Sign stamp, $4, World Market Bazaar.
Wooden bird call whistle, $4.99, JR Techie.
"The Doors" magnet, $5, Paper Vision.
Wally's Ear Candles, $6.75 and up, New Leaf Bloom.
Amethyst crystals, $8 and up. Crystal Kaleidoscope.
Maggie tie-dye crew cocks, $8.95, New Leaf Bloom.
Salt Crystal candle holder, $9.95, New Leaf Bloom.
California's Lost Coast Map. $9.95 Bugaboo.
Fine hemp twine, $9.99, Glass Roots.
Nepalese tree ornaments, $10, BOE. Cosmic Car Cup, $10, Chefworks.
Bush Countdown Clock, $11.95, Bookshop Santa Cruz.
Save the Earth hemp wallet, $12.95, Eco Goods.
Beatles "Abbey Road" poster, $12.99, Glass Roots.
Indonesian Ganesh candle, $14, World Market Bazaar.
Santana "All That I Am" CD, $14.98, Streetlight Records.
UNICEF T-shirt, $15, UNICEF Store.
Guatemalan belt, $19,95, La Playa.

Buddha boxed soap, $20, BOE.
Raindrop bead curtain, $21.95, Velvet Underground.
Wilco "Kicking the Television," $21.98, Streetlight Records.
100 percent hemp hat, $24, World Market Bazaar.
Purple Funkstar fedora, $24.95, Luscious.
Embroidered yoga mat carry bag, $25, Lotus.
Seedless baseball cap, $26.95, Glass Roots.
George Harrison "Concert for Bangladesh" DVD, $25.98, Streetlight Records.
Elixir Chinese Herbs Tonic. Six Pack, $26, Skymeadow Apothecary.
Turkish mini back bag, $29,99 La Playa.
Bob Marley sweatshirt, $30, Graffix Pleasures.
Stoner City board game, $31.99, Glass Roots.
Eco yoga mat, $39.95-$49.95 Eco Goods.
Ganesh cotton bag, $45, Lotus.

Vietnamese lotus lamp, $54, Om Gallery.
Coyote Mirror, $55, East Meets West.

Over $100
Six-foot Vietnamese fair trade silk/bamboo lantern, $359, Om Gallery.
Giant lizard bong, $179, Glass Roots.

The Man

Everyone has a man in their life who is difficult to shop for, mostly because said man rarely expresses his thoughts or feelings, not to mention his consumer fantasies. Happily, we were able to ask several of our psychically gifted elves for advice. Here's what they revealed.

Under $20
Superhero backpack clip-on, $2, Graphfix.
Easter Island Shot glass, $4.50, Bunny's.
Libby Omega martini glass, $7, Chefworks.
Nicole Miller crossword socks, $7.50, Sock Shop.
Chess set, $7.99 and up, Game A Lot.
Plaid scarf, $8, Ravani.
Big Belly Mug, $8.95, Bunny's.
Deck chair tree ornament, $9.95, Bunny's.
Silver chains, $10 and up, Super Silver.
"Sushi Cookbook," $11.95, Chefworks.
Lucky dice cup with five dice, $12.99, Game A Lot.
Jungle Wax wolf candle, $14, World Market Bazaar.
"Field Guide to Cocktails," $14.95, Bunny's.
Men's havianas, $15, Shoe Fetish.
Celtic pendants, $15 and up, Super Silver.
Tiger's Eye pendant, $15 and up, Super Silver.
Bone earrings, $15 each, Graffix Pleasures.
Piatnik wine cork jigsaw, $15.95, Bookshop Santa Cruz.
Frank Lloyd Wright tie, $18.95, Museum Store.

Iron cross bracelet, $20, Super Silver.
Stainless steel fire bracelet, $20, Super Silver.
Good Grip Liquiseal travel mug, $20.50, Chefworks.
Pevonia Spa Care for Men, $24 and up, Skymeadow Apothecary.
Money clips, $24, Museum Store.
Plaid bomber hat, $24, the Hat Shop.
Jurlique for Men, $24$45, Skymeadow Apothecary.
Mansilk silk boxers, $25, Camouflage.
Dawn Spencer Hurwitx Perfume, $29 and up, Skymeadow Apothecary.
Outrageous cufflinks, $32, Red Poppy.
Lodis men's leather wallet, $38, Shoe Fetish.
Bike chain bracelet, $40 and up, Super Silver.
Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run 30th Anniversary," $34.98, Streetlight Records. $50$100
Scorpion-shaped silver finger claw, $50, Super Silver.
Lucky long-sleeve Tiger T-shirt, $54, Uptown Jeans.
Ben Sherman striped shirt, $91, Rouge. Over $100
Pinball-style baseball game, $119.99, Game A Lot.
Unique used metal watches. $300 and up, the Vault.

The Lovers

You know the type. Sickeningly in love, they probably don't need anything except each other. But the good news is, whatever you get them, they'll love you to death for it. At least that's what our elves told us.

Under $20
"Love Hurts" magnet, $4, Graphfix.
Love Plume, $5, Camouflage.
Lotus Love beauty soap, $9, BOE.
Star-shaped Pastease, $9.95, Luscious.
Naughty and Nice drinking glass, $10, Urban Outfitters.
1,000 Sex Games, $12, Urban Outfitters.
Betty Page Magnet Set, $12.95, Velvet Underground.
Sex Pots Eroticism in Ceramic calendar, $14.98, Logos.
Lycra mesh garter belt, $14.99, Luscious.
Dionysius White Zinfandel Glass, $15.25, Chefworks.
Pouch Thong, $19.95, Luscious.
Micromesh pink ruffle panties, $19.95, Luscious.

"I never promised you a rose garden" boxers, $22, Uptown Jeans.
Twelve shots of Christmas glass set, $24, Urban Outfitters.
Leopard Charmeuse silk boxers, $27.99, Luscious.
Furry Cuffs, $28, Camouflage.
Kate Bush Aerial, $18.98, Streetlight Records.
Asta Martini Glass (bowtie or earrings), $38, BOE.
Black boyshorts with pink lace trim, $41, Rouge.

Pink and black suede whip, $50, Camouflage.
Lace-up black velvet trimmed corset, $62.50, Luscious.

Over $100
"Time passes, love waits" Thomas Mann bracelet, $176, Annie Glass.
Alex Spekus 18K rings, $500 and up, the Vault.
Canadia Diamonds, $1,100 and up, the Vault.
Benin Bronze Cats wedding piece, $4,000, Gravago.

Surf Wars: Do you need a surfboard from O'Neill's to prove that Santa Cruz is the real Surf City, or what?

The Athlete

Part of the genius of Santa Cruz is its proximity to ocean, forest and mountains--all great places to pant and sweat the healthy way. Put your own cute elf remark right here!

Under $20
Sports shoes laces, $2.50, Old School Shoes.
Headhunter Lip Balm, $3.95, O'Neill's.
Zinka colored nose coat, $5.99, O'Neill's.
Nalgene Waterbottle, $6.95, Bugaboo.
Lil Performance Socks, $7.50, the Sock Shop.
Mount Diablo Mountain Biking Map, $9.95, Bugaboo.
Yosemite High Country Trail Map, $9.95, Bugaboo.
Stoked! 2006 surfing calendar, $13.99, Logos.
Tide Log for NorCal, $14.95, Bookshop Santa Cruz.
Smartwool running socks, $14.95, Bugaboo.
Bugaboo knitted hat, $16.95, Bugaboo.

Marla Workout Aromatherpay Mist, $22, Skymeadow Apothecary.
Crank Bros Multi 17 tool set, $24.99, Spokesman Bicycles.
Scuba Cellsuit cell phone cover, $28.29, North Pacific Cellular.
Cat Eye bike headlight, $33.99, Spokesman Bicycles.
Burton Pipeglove, $39.95, Skateworks.
Kryptonite bike lock, $39.99, Spokesman Bicycles.
Prana tank top, $40, Body Options.
Petzl or black diamond headlamp, $44.95 and up, Bugaboo.
Blur "No Sweat" fanny pack, $44.95, Bugaboo.
Overland Donner Pack, $49.95, Bugaboo.

Donna Karan sneakers, $69$75, Shoe Fetish.
Spy Optic sunglasses, $95.00, Pacific Wave.
Leki trail poles, $99.95, Bugaboo.
Specialized Aurora helmet, $100, Spokesman Bicycles.

Over $100
Leki Mountain Trek poles, $119.95, Bugaboo.
O'Neill surfboard, $350$600, O'Neill's
Al Merrick Surfboard, $570, O'Neill's.

The Baby

In our experience, real babies are more interested in the wrapping than the gift, so feel free to get things for their exhausted adult(s). Still, if you insist, here are a few ideas our elves cobbled together for the teeny-weeny ones in your life.

Under $20
Mulling Square wash puppet, $9, Skymeadow Apothecary.
Brazilian rain forest hand puppet, $9.95, Eco Goods.
Babywares small soft bunglie animals, $12, BOE.
Koo Koo baby eared hat, $16, BOE.
Marla's Baby Sandman Aromatherapy Mist, $17, Skymeadow Apothecary.
Lizards of M.C. Escher puzzle, $17.99, Museum Store.
Infant moose hat, $18.50, the Hat Shop.

Baby Bangle, $20 and up, Super Silver.
Babygags "I am boob man" Onesie, $23, BOE.
Koo Koo hooded towel, $30, BOE.
Baby dish set, $32, Museum Store.
Jurlique's Baby's Soothing Cream, $32, Skymeadow Apothecary.

Over $100
Oi Oi mini quilt baby backpack, $105, BOE.
Over the Moon Moses Basket, $198, A Mother's Place.
100 percent cotton crib set, $285, BOE.

The Kid

Remember what it was like to be a kid? We don't either, but our elves remind us that children love opening packages and immediately putting to use their contents, while their adults talk about boring stuff. To help kids in their pursuit of instant gratification, our elves put together the following list of fun gifts.

Under $20
Instant prehistoric capsule, $1.99, JR Techie.
Magic Spring, $2, JR Techie.
Inflatable World Ball, $2, UNICEF store.
Magic Crystal tree, $2.99, Crystal Kaleidoscope.
Harriet Tubman felt bookmark, $3.95, Eco Goods.
Doodletops, $3.99, Crystal Kaleidoscope.
Glow in the Dark stars, $4.49, JR Techie.
Eye Think animated pencil, $4.95, Museum Store.
Fish wind-sock, $5, UNICEF store.
Squidgy skull horror ball, $5.95, Paper Vision.
Beginning bird watching glasses, $5.99, JR Techie.
Ten-pack color pencils, $5.95$7.95, Eco Goods.
Pirate pencil toppers, $5.95, Bookshop Santa Cruz.
Papo Figurines, $6 and up, Cottontails.
Water blaster, $6.99, JR Techie.
Hiss, the snake-making tile game, $10.29, Game A Lot.
Volcano Making Kit, $10.99, JR Techie's.
Learning software, $11 and up, JR Techie's.
Independent Wallet, $12.95, Pacific Wave.
Purple crystal dragon, $13.50, Dragonwood.
Scanimation Animated Ruler, $12.95, Museum Store.
Harry Potter character glasses, $14.50, Cottontails.
Trilobite fossil, $15, Crystal Kaleidoscope.
Corolle dolls, $15 and up, Cottontails.
Crocodile hand puppet, $17, Cottontails.
Thomas the Tank Travel Tote, $19.95, JR Techie.
Maask Fun Race to Royalty, $19.95, Game A Lot.

Chinese Take Out lunch pail, $20, Graphfix.
Melissa & Doug wood puzzle sets, $23, Cottontails.
Wordigo spelling strategy game, $24.99, Game A Lot.
Where in the World game, $29.99, Game A Lot.
Juice Plus Fruit or Veggies gummies, $30, Skymeadow Apothecary.

Melissa & Doug Folding castle, $78, Cottontails.

Over $100
Outdoor Roller Skates, $249.95, Skateworks.
Armstrong Flute, $550, Thomas Musical Instruments.
German Violin, $825, Thomas Musical Instruments.

The Teen

It's almost as difficult to shop for a teen as it is to be one. Luckily, we had the help of several teenaged elves to remind us of what it is that tickles a teenager's tortured fancy.

Under $20
Knitted Hackeysack, $2, UNICEF store.
Silver rings, $3 and up, Super Silver.
Punk-rock wristbands, $4,99, Graffix Pleasures.
Edward Gorey address book, $6.95, Museum Store.
Killer beads, $5.99$10.99, Graffix Pleasures.
Hot Sox slippers with braids, $7.50, Sock Shop.
Brocade diary, $2, UNICEF Store.
Spinning mood rings, $3, UNICEF Store.
Belly button bauble, $4.25, UNICEF Store.
Hand carved flute from India, $5, UNICEF Store.
Toe rings, $5, Ravani.
VW New Beetle model car, $5, Cottontails.
Frieda Kahlo Hot Sox, $7.00, Sock Shop.
Reform School Girl Journal, $7.99, Bookshop Santa Cruz.
Luna Lupis insect magnet, $12, World Market Bazaar.
Lesbian Pulp Address book, $12.95, Bookshop Santa Cruz.
Miso Pretty Shopping Bag, $14.95, Velvet Underground.
Outkast "Idlewild," $14.98, Streetlight Records.

Rifts Ultimate Edition, $33.95, Game A Lot Kenyan chess set, $37.50, UNICEF Store.

Belmonte Musical Stand, $69.75, Thomas Musical Instruments.
SC Skateboards Sweatshirt, $55, Pacific Wave.
Dakine Backpack, $55 and up, Pacific Wave.
California Fleece London hoodie, $56, American Apparel.

Over $100
Party Dresses, $100 and up, Jewels on Pacific Ave.;
Animation class (five 1 1/2-hour sessions at JR Techie), $169, JR Techie's.
Custom X Snowboard, $499.95, Skateworks.

Water Works: The doggles at Think Pawsitive are so doggone cute you'll be thinking of trading in your moggy for a mutt. (Just kidding. Besides, there's plenty for kitty, too.)

The Pet

One of the things that distinguishes Americans from the rest of the world (apart from our rumored approval of torture) is our attitude to our pets, which mostly veers toward the lovey-dovey side. With a new store in town that caters exclusively to our four-legged friends, it's easier than ever to indulge them (who can resist a dog in goggles?) and all our pet-loving friends.

Under $20
Chipicino Gourmet Bird Treats, $3.99, Think Pawsitive.
Maribou Feather Cat Pole, $4.99, Think Pawsitive.
Reflyer recycled Frisbee, $6.95, Eco Goods.
Leopard dog visor, $8, Think Pawsitive.
Bling Collar, $9$11, Think Pawsitive.
Bad Cat/Dog book, $9.99, Bookshop Santa Cruz.
Pet collar charm, $12.99, Think Pawsitive.
Pet fashion hair Clip, $15.00, Think Pawsitive.
My Cat's Got Personality Bowl, $16.95, Think Pawsitive.

Doggles dog googles, $20, Think Pawsitive.
"Spoiled" glitter dog shirt, $25, Think Pawsitive.
Paw Rub, $20, Think Pawsitive.
Denim faux fur dog jacket, $21.99, Think Pawsitive.
Paris Pink pet carrier, $32.00, Think Pawsitive.

Dog Faces human bracelet, $55, Think Pawsitive.
Playing Cats human bracelet, $65, Think Pawsitive.
Lady of the Jungle dog bed, $90, Think Pawsitive.
Lulu Jane city girl pink collar, $100, Think Pawsitive.

Over $100
Human Clothing Wild Thing PJs, $110, Think Pawsitive.
Chaise lounge dog bed, $155, Think Pawsitive.
Joker pet sofa, $185, Think Pawsitive.

No Shedding: Bronze cats are just some of the classy delights to be found at Gravago.

Store Directory
A Mother's Place, 504B Front St.; 423.1325.
American Apparel, 1531 Pacific Ave.; 426.4070.
Annie Glass, 110 Cooper St.; 427.4260.
Artisans, 1368 Pacific Ave.; 423.8183.
Body Options, 1530 Pacific Ave.; 459.9900.
BOE, 1540 Pacific Ave; 423.3005.
Bonny Doon Flowers, 1520 Pacific Ave.; 457.2905.
Bookshop Santa Cruz, 1520 Pacific Ave.; 423.0900.
Bugaboo, 1521 Pacific Ave.; 429.6300.
Bunny's, 1349 Pacific Ave.; 426.2926.
Bunny's Shoes, 1350 Pacific Ave.; 423.3824.
Camouflage, 1329 Pacific Ave.; 423.7613.
Chefworks, 1527 Pacific Ave.; 426.1351.
Cottontails, 1201 Pacific Ave.; 429.1956.
Crystal Kaleidoscope, 1528 Pacific Ave.; 425.1217.
Dragonwood, 104 Lincoln St.; 426.1877.
East Meets West, 1301 Pacific Ave.; 423.3676.
Eco Goods, 1130 Pacific Ave.; 429.5758.
Ferrari Florists, 514 Front St.;. 800.700.3569.
Galla Cabana, 1364 Pacific Ave.; 423.7575.
Game A lot, 835 Front St.;, 429.9009.
Glass Roots, 428B Front St.;, 466.0606.
Graffix Pleasures, 809 Pacific Ave.; 423.2940
Graphfix, 1229 Pacific Ave.; 425.8086
Gravago, 111 Cooper St.; 427.2667.
The Hat Shop, 1346 Pacific Ave.; 458.9585.
Jade, 1128 Pacific Ave.; 425.2244.
Jewels on Pacific, 1535 Pacific Ave.; 420.1441.
JR Techie, 111 Locust St.; 454.0922.
La Playa, 1120 Pacific Ave.; 426. 6477.
Logos Books and Records, 1117 Pacific Ave.; 427.5100.
Lotus Creations, 803 Pacific Ave.; 426.3305.
Luscious, 121 Walnut Avenue, 421.9986.
Museum Store, 118 Cooper St.; 454.9986.
Nelson & Plumlee's, 235 Cathcart St.; 458.1118.
New Leaf Bloom, 1121 Pacific Ave.; 425.1793.
North Pacific Cellular, 698 Front St. (between Longs Drugs and Trader Joe's); 423.9307.
Oh La La! 1010 Pacific Ave.; 429.6699.
Old School Shoes, 1017 Pacific Ave.; 423.2700.
O'Neill's, 110 Cooper St.; 469.4377.
Om Gallery, 805 Pacific Ave.; 425.1184.
Pacific Trading, 1224 Pacific Ave.; 423.3349
Pacific Wave, 1502 Pacific Ave.; 458.9283
Paper Vision, 1345 Pacific Ave.; 458.1345.
Ravani, 823 Pacific Ave.; 458.3299.
Red Poppy, 1360 Pacific Ave.; 466.0140.
Rouge, 110 Cooper St.; 454.0675
Shandrydan, 107 Walnut St.; 425.8411
Shoe Fetish, 110 Cooper St.; 454.0287
Skateworks, 1125 Pacific Ave.; 427.4290.
Skymeadow Apothecary, 109 Cooper St.; 420.0660.
Sock Shop, 1125 Pacific Ave.; 429.6101
Spokesman Bicycles, 231 Cathcart St,; 429.6062.
Streetlight Records, 941 Pacific Ave.; 421.9200.
Super Silver, 106 Lincoln St.; 460.9696.
Thomas Musical Instruments, 428A Front St.; 425.0110.
Think Pawsitive, 1101-B Pacific Ave.; 469.7297.
The UNICEF Store, 1330 Pacific Ave. (inside the Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting House); 426.3101.
Uptown Jeans Co., 110 Cooper St.; 457.1038.
Urban Outfitters, 1401 Pacific Ave.; 423.9357.
The Vault, 1339 Pacific Ave.; 426.3349.
Velvet Underground, 1543 Pacific Ave.; 469. 9401.
World Market Bazaar, 1233 Pacific Ave.; 469.3872.

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