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Female Trouble

A site that steps in where women's magazines fear to tread

By Andrea Perkins

YOU DON'T HAVE to be disgruntled or a housewife to get something out of this massively elaborate site. Like Cosmo gone awry, www.disgruntledhousewife.com boasts vintage pictures of naked ladies as well as recipes for Frito Pie and other "meals men like," involving ground beef and Velveeta.

Peppered with beautiful and kitschy graphics, this guide to "modern living and intersex relationships" is also a venue for rants on any number of topics. While it's fun to read about why a gal might abhor the idea of pregnancy ("creepy little monsters growing inside ... like parasites") and scan the postings of the anti-breeder's club, the true power of the site lies in its useful interactive applications, like the "Dick List," a marvelous invention that allows users to submit a posting about any guy who has ever done them wrong. (Sorry, only guys can be posted on the Dick List.) Since the list is alphabetical by name and includes the city in which each loser lives, it's an easy reference tool for others who may suspect their potential love interest of being rotten to the core.

Equally practical and entertaining is the advice column for "the lovelorn, the sloppy and the dim" and a forum where all of the above can post and read secrets, from the "dirty little" variety to the "guilty and shameful" kind. Voyeurs will squeal with glee. Beware, this is the kind of site that can monopolize hours of your time.

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From the December 6-13, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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