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Notes From the Underground
By Arwen Curry

[whitespace] Holiday Treason:
Local shows are canceled, moved and forgotten

AS ONE OF A SMALLISH FLOCK OF WILD GEESE this weekend, I felt the unfulfilled thrill of the chase, trudging around downtown Santa Cruz from the Vets Hall to the Drop-In Center, searching for a rumored (and published, in the online SC list) show with Locust and Shaharazad, among others. The Drop-In Center was abandoned, and the Vets Hall erupted into the sounds of a mariachi band, but I didn't feel like dancing. The dismal Winter Break is upon us, a time when all promoters fear scant or nonexistent populations at their shows, and good bands run terrorized from empty halls to private residences with secret addresses that always seem to fill up more quickly.

On Saturday night, the 320A house--after a lengthy hibernation--returned to host the town's remaining touring bands, including Scenic Vermont. Not to put all our eggs in one basket or anything, but I have a feeling that, along with the return of Palookaville as a good medium-to-large-sized venue, the little living room could prove invaluable in the cold approaching months.

In brighter news, the Santa Cruz Still Sucks CD, sequel to last year's local bestseller, has hit (conveniently) the store shelves just in time for the holidays. Keep an eye peeled for a show in mid-January with at least eight local bands featured on the comp. For now, bring ear-muffs and be prepared to weather cancellations and all varieties of grumbling.
Arwen Curry

Band on the Run

Dilligaf was nominated for a Los Angeles music award in the category of "Best Performance, National Act." It was selected as one of five finalists from hundreds of bands nationwide and was the only band from California nominated in this category. The riff-mad Santa Cruz trio went down to the Hollywood Palladium on Dec. 16 for an awards ceremony hosted by Tommy Chong. I wonder if he passed around an Oscar-shaped bong to the victors?

Dilligaf doesn't play your textbook punk or rock, but instead experiments successfully with both styles. It's like when Laverne, much to Shirley's disdain, mixed milk with Pepsi. Both drinks are great on their own, but when combined, you've created a bowling alley sensation! (We now conclude this week's lame Nick at Night metaphor installment.)

The other day I played Dilligaf songs on my ghettoblaster while the Mission Hill Junior High School girl's basketball team was practicing free throws. They became so fired up they started choking me until I cranked it up to 11. Dilligaf's bassist/vocalist Eric K. says the group will tour Southern California next year and release the follow up to Vent through Hard 8 Records.
Matt Koumaras


On Friday, Incubus plays at the Gaslighter in Gilroy (7430 Monterey St.). Political Silence and P.A.W.N.S. are at the Point the same night.

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From the Dec. 18-24, 1997 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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