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Silicon Valley Through the Decades

In the '70s In the '80s In the '90s
Compact Computer Altair Osborne Pilot Palmtop
Enabling Technology Semiconductors PCs Internet
Evil Empire Ma Bell IBM Microsoft
Big Event End of Vietnam War Loma Prieta Earthquake High Tech Boom
Mascot Pet Rock Chuck E. Cheese Mozilla
T-Shirt KFAT Apple Sharks
Sticker Rainbow KOME Darwin
Staple Drug Marijuana Cocaine Coffee
Trendy Drug Quaaludes Ecstasy Cigars
Beer Olympia Corona Gordon Biersch
Fru-fru Drink Harvey Wallbanger Sex on the Beach Cosmopolitan
Status Car BMW 2002 Ferrari 308GTS Land Rover
Flash Car 'Vette Delorean VW Bug
Up and Coming Place to Live Santa Cruz Mountains Naglee Park Willow Glen
Playground Los Gatos Campbell Palo Alto
Busines Restaurant Manny's Cellar Lion & Compass Empire Tap Room
Political Restaurant Plateau 7 Eulipia 840 N. First St.
Rising Political Figure Tom McEnery Ed Zschau Ron Gonzales
Biggest Loss to Local Govt Prop 13 $60 million bond loss Redevelopment
Event Garlic Festival Music in the Park Silicon Valley Marathon
Live Music Club Bodega Cabaret Agenda
Cool Club Boswell's One Step Beyond Ajax
Underground Scene Chateau Libertee Laundry Works Cactus Club
Downtown Bar Tower Saloon D.B. Coopers Mission Ale House
Pickup Bar Carry Nations Terrace Toons (?)
Cheap Stroke Screw Magazine Porn videos Internet
Outdoor Venue Santa Clara Fairgrounds Paul Masson Shoreline
Building Center for Performing Arts Convention Center Arena
Transit Project 280/101 Interchange Light Rail Highway 85
Cruising Strip King-Story El Camino Downtown
Publication Low Rider Metro Red Herring
Stupidest Technology Eight track Personal robots Push
Biggest Failures Xerox PARC Trillium Taligent
Musical Act Doobie Brothers Robert Berry's Three Smashmouth

Special thanks to: Eric Predoehl, John Cassady, Hal Plotkin, Julia Smith, James Benoit, Mort Weinstein.


The New Silicon Valley:

Suddenly we're cool.

It's all about speed.

The next generation of movers and shakers.


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From the January 15-21, 1998 issue of Metro.

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